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Selected passages and quotations

Lloyd Osbourne (ed.) (1898). The Stevenson Reader. Selected Passages from the Works of Robert Louis Stevenson. London: Chatto and Windus, 1898. read online
[An illustrated selection of extracts S's works (narratives, poems and essays) for school use (there is a glossary at the end), with no introduction, that went on being issued certainly into the 1920s]

Anon. (1902). The Pocket R.L.S.: Being Favourite Passages from the Works of Stevenson. London: Chatto and Windus, 1902; New York: Scribner’s, 1905. read online

T.S. (ed) (1904). The Wisdom of Robert Louis Stevenson, Collected and Arranged from his Writings. New York: Scott-Thaw. read online

Florence L. Tucker (ed.) (1909). Stevenson Day by Day. New York: Thomas D. Crowell. read online
[A 'moral reflection' for each day of the year, mainly from the essays. also a version with interleaved blank pages for recording birthdays called The Stevenson Birthday Book published in the same year]

Edwin Osgood Grover (Intro.), W. A. Dwiggins (calligraphy) (1909). The Meaning of Friendship.Chicago: The Canterbury Company. read online
[12 short quotations on friends and friendship on recto pages, plus introduction, title page and envoy each in a different style of lettering by William Adamson Dwiggins (1880-1956; author, book designer, type-designer, illustrator, calligrapher, wood-carver and producer of marionette dramas]

Wallace and Frances Rice (eds) (1910). From Day to Day with Stevenson. New York: Barse and Hopkins.

A Golden Month with Robert Louis Stevenson (Buffalo: Hayes Lithograph Co., 1911).
[inspiring quotations for a month (under headings 'First Day', 'Second Day' etc.), illustrated]

Anon. (1916). Brave Words About Death. Selected from the Writings of Robert Louis Stevenson. London: Chatto and Windus.

S. G. Dunn (ed) (1918). A Book of Selections from the Writings of R. L. Stevenson London: Longmans.

Ricklefs, Roger (ed.) (1963). The Mind of Robert Louis Stevenson: Selected Essays, Letters and Prayers. New York: A S Barnes and Co. (also New York: Thomas Yoseloff - reprint)
['The essays, letters, and prayers in this collection are the most provocative and candid'. Essays: Crabbed Age and Youth, Child's Play, Aes Triplex]

Steele, Karen (ed.) (1994). The Sayings of Robert Louis Stevenson. London: Duckworth.
[also available from Amazon, Grantham Park Services, and Books International as a print-to-order book]

Selections of verse

Catherine T. Bryce (ed.), F. E. Spaulding (Intro.), Anon. (Ill.) (1906). Robert Louis Stevenson Reader. New York: Scribner's. read online
[selection of poems from A Child's Garden of Verses accompanied by stories inspired by the poems and the life of RLS by Bryce; from children 6-7 years old; monchrome and colour illustrations and vignettes freely combined with the text, together with some full-page plates]

Stuart Campbell (ed.) (2009). RLS in Love: The Love Poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson. Dingwall: Sandstone Press.
[The anthology is divided into three parts: (i) ‘The Swinging Gait of Harlots’: poems written when Stevenson was a young man in Edinburgh; (ii) ‘A Long Despair’: what is described as his ‘passionate but doomed’ relationship with Fanny Sitwell; (iii) ‘The One Illogical Adventure’: poems written during Stevenson’s difficult but equally passionate marriage to his wife, Fanny Osbourne.]

Collections of short works and longer extracts

John William Rogers (ed) (1920). Learning to Write: Suggestions and Counsel from Robert Louis Stevenson. New York: Scribner's. read online
[Letter to a Young Gentleman, A Note on Realism, Books Which Have Influenced Me, A Gossip on Romance, Miscellaneous Observations (from letters and essays), The Morality of the Profession of Letters, Popular Authors, Some Gentlemen in Fiction, A Chapter on Dreams, On Some Technical Elements of Style in Literature]

Roy Gasson (ed.) (1977). The Illustrated Robert Louis Stevenson. A Selection of the Stories, Travel Writings, Essays, and Poems. London: Jupiter Books (also Poole, Dorset: New Orchard Editions).

Kenneth Gelder (ed.) (1989, 1994). The Scottish Stories and Essays. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP.
[the preface and annotations point out links between the essays and the short stories]

Glenda Norquay (ed.) (1999). Stevenson on Fiction. An Anthology of Literary and Critical Essays. Edinburgh: Edinburgh UP.
[Fourteen annotated essays with an Introduction. The latter is divided into the following sections: (i) Realism versus Romance, (ii) Reading as a writer and reading as a reader, (iii) Imagination and the child, (iv) Literary production, (v) The Popular, (vi) Influences, (vii) The Modern]

June Skinner Sawyers (ed), Ian Bell (Foreword) (2002). Dreams of Elsewhere: Selected Travel Writings of Robert Louis Stevenson. Glasgow: Neil Wilson/The In Pinn.
[excerpts from his most famous travel books, travel essays and travel poetry]

Tom Hubbard and Duncan Glen (eds.) (2003). Stevenson’s Scotland. Edinburgh: The Mercat Press.
[A collection of texts by Stevenson on Scotland: extracts from fiction, from letters to his mother, and essays. The latter include two hitherto unpublished texts from the Beinecke Library at Yale: ‘Antiquities of Midlothian’, based on a visit to Craigmillar Castle and Corstorphine Church (dictated to his mother in 1861), and ‘The Water of Leith’ (late 1890 or early 1891).]