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Amidar, Gertrude


bronze sculpture of RLS; 21 cm high 


BLY 647.1980.368; BLY also has in its uncatalogued collection ‘Mask portrait of RLS by Gertrude Amidar. Photograph of the original in the Silverado Museum, California’.  Repr. Wolf (1995) The Essential Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: 139.

Borglum, Gutzon


74x46 cm bronze relief sculpture of RLS - plaque for Saranac Lake


Boyd, O.H. [Howard]


larger than life-size limewood sculptures of RLS and of Long John Silver. Photos from the sculptor’s site.

attached to the two portico pillars of the main entrance to ‘Highfield’ the Treasure-Island themed ‘corporate playground’ in the ground of the home/headquarters of publisher Felix Dennis at Old Manor, South Warwickshire.

Bryden, Robert


Woodcut; RLS, head and shoulders (based on ‘The Boston photo’ (see Iconography1887.5), sea with galleon and distant mountains behind, also cliff topped by part of a Scottish castle, title included in the frame at top left: ‘.ROBERT.LOVIS.STEVENSON.’. Literature, 27 July 1901 (often wrongly attrib. to The Bookman (1913))

Calder 174 (orig.: ***; repr.: various libraries; photo: Mansell); print of this BLYS (B4 F68); USC

Fuhrmann, Carsten


Der Flaschenteufel (‘The Bottle Imp’), card game published by Bambus Spielverlag of Germany in an improved version in 2003 : the cards, apart from the card-values, have a series of spirited illustration of Stevenson’s tale.

Fuller, Niki


painting; RLS with young Princess Ka’iulani writing his poem about her to buoy her spirits as she left for her education in England, Mount Leahi ("Diamond Head") in the background)

Saint Francis Hospice in Honolulu, Hawai’I

Fuller, Niki


Princess Ka’iulani with Stevenson in the gardens of ‘Ainahau

Mural in the Princess Victoria Ka’iulani School in Honolulu

"Portrait 7".

Furniss, H.


Pen-and-ink caricature of RLS

National Portrait Gallery, London

Gadd, Sara


Navigating Stevenson: Digital Artworks, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, 2003. Nine large digital panels, reconstructed 3D digital architectural models of Stevenson’s world (based on photographs in The Writers’ Museum, Edinburgh), but with the people removed. and follow arrows at the bottom of the page for the images.

Navigating Stevenson Digital Artworks by Sara Gadd. Published by the National Galleries of Scotland, 2003. ISBN 1-903278-41-4.



bronze relief portrait of RLS

BLY uncat MS Vault 721 

Gattia, Alarico


Il tesoro di Franchard, transl. Stefano Tettamanti. Milano: Cartacanta (Penna & Matita). 88-8360-043-6


Watercolour illustrations are boldly impaginated as in a modern child’s picture book - atmospheric studies of place and character rather than illustrations of events, though there is a nice picture of Dr Duprez surveying the river.





BLYS (B4 F69)

Hatherell, W.


5 colour paintings by , reproduced as colour plates: scenes from Prince Otto, Catriona, Ballantrae, Wrecker, St. Ives. The Ballantrae and St. Ives plates particularly interesting.

Clare, Maurice [Mary Clarissa Gillington] (?1910). A Day with Robert Louis Stevenson. L: Hodder & Stoughton. Repr. in Bm.

Haz, Mirando [Amedeo Pieragostini]


Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde and Company. Trezzo sull’Adda (Italy): privately printed by the artist (limited edition of 300 copies, the first 135 including an original etching from the series; available from the author at Via Nullo 9, Bergamo, Italy).

Catalogue of the exhibition of 40 etchings with the same title at Gargnano (Italy), 26-29 August 2002; includes reproductions of 33 of the series of etchings as well as short essays on Haz and Stevenson by Gillo Dorfles, Giorgio Cerruti, Richard Dury, Marco Fragonara and Richard Ambrosini.

Hergé [Georges Remi]



pen-and-ink drawing of Pirates capturing Jim Hawkins

Front-page illustration for Le Petit Vingtième (Le Vingtième Siècle) 9 June 1932. Original sold in Paris 24.3.01.

Levine, David


caricature of RLS, based on the Sargent ‘walking’ portrait


Mach, David


match-head sculpture of the head of Robert Louis Stevenson

ignited by the artist after a lecture at the Edinburgh Gallery of Modern Art. Taken June 9th 2001 by photographer Ian Rutherford.

Mattotti, Lorenzo


Nine oil paintings for The Pavilion on the Dunes: shown in Milan (Galleria Nuages, 1993) and St. Malo (1998) and reproduced in R.L. Stevenson (i) Il padliglione sulle dune, Milano: Edizioni Nuages (1992), limited edition of 1500 copies, ISBN 88 86178 00 X; (ii) Il padiglione sulle dune, tr. di Nini Agosti Castellani, 1995, 88 p., Roma: Lizard ("Nuages"), ISBN: 88-86456-06-9; (iii) La pavillon sur les dunes. Paris: Vertige Graphic (1992), ISBN 2-908981-04-1


 LM specializes in art comics and graphic novels. The illustrations/paintings are enigmatic images that capture well the large skies, clouds, looming shadows and mysterious figures. 

Mattotti, Lorenzo


Dr Jekyll e Mr Hyde. Paris/Torino: Casterman/Einaudi

Mattoti says ‘I’ve shifted the setting from Puritanical nineteenth-century England to the pre-Nazi period - I see the art of Dix and Grosz as having the same morbidness as the hidden face of Dr Jekyll’ (Corriere della Sera/Sette 13.11.98: 200)


Metcalf, William Leroy


'The Ten Cent Breakfast', Denver Art Museum, Colorado.

The interior of the Hotel Baudy, where many of the Americans who gathered in Giverny met. On the right is the novelist Robert Louis Stevenson, to his right is Theodore Robinson. See Dawson Dawson-Watson, ‘The Real Story of Giverny,’ Theodore Robinson (Chicago, Illinois: R. H. Love Galleries, Inc., 1979), pp. 65-7. However, the person on the right isn’t a very good likeness of RLS.

Michael, A.C.



print of this BLYS (B4 F67)

Molnar, George

?post 1920

oil sketch (?) of ‘RLS in full poetic flow in the old Union Club’ in Sydney.

in Union Club. Sydney; the artist was born 1910; information from the Edinburgh RLS Club News 18 (March 2002).

Mora, Robert Luis


RLS and Mark Twayne talking on a park bench in Washington Square, New York

Nicholson, William


drawing of Long John Silver

William Nicholson, Characters of Romance [Silver drawing on front page of TLS 11 Aug 2000]

Pericoli, Tullio


Watercolours: ‘Tavoli di lavoro’, ‘Interno ed esterno’, ‘Robert Louis Stevenson’, ‘Vecchio comò’, ‘I tavoli di Stevenson’. Reproductions published as a portfolio of 600 copies, including eight other works inspired by Robinson Crusoe: Pericoli, Tullio (1997). Morgana N.2. Miasino (Novara, Italy; distrib. Hoepli, Milan): Dante Albieri. Lit. 200.000. (Information: Dante Albieri, tel. +322/980359, fax +322/980800, e-mail 

The pictures include portraits of RLS, several with tables or floors that are seas with ships and then plains with crossing trains and then skies with clouds, emphasizing the work of imagination and dreams.

Pericoli has also done other studies of RLS in 2002 (etching,

in 2003 (charcoal,

Query, Joseph



Ben Sharpsteen Museum, Calistoga and Silverado Museum, St. Helena.

Spence, Percy Frederick Seaton  


watercolour of RLS, could be from life 

BLY 1952.36.4; BLYS also has ‘print of pencil drawing by Percy F.S. Spence’ (B4 F55). 

Stevenson David W.


Full length statue (not from life) (open shirt, r hand in front and raised to waist height, holding a pencil, l hand on hip holding back a jacket over the l shoulder, high lace-up boots of the type RLS wore in Samoa) 

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow [Daiches 72]; Stevenson House, 17 Heriot Row. Cf Balfour Paul in Hammerton 1910: 331.

Stevenson, David W.


Bust by (open shirt with undershirt; not quite shoulder-length hair brushed behind ears)

Scottish National Portrait Gallery (PG 548); Repr. Bm: 175. BLYS also has a ‘print of a bust by G.W. Stevenson’ (B4 F53).

Stoddart, Alexander


Statue of Alan Breck and David Balfour at the Headquarters of the Scottish & Newcastle Breweries, Corstorphine, Edinburgh.

One-and-a-half time lifesize. The figures were inspired by the work of the illustrator Dudley Watkins

Strang, William (1859-1921)


etchings illustrating short stories by RLS

single etchings illustrating 'Thrawn Janet', ʻA Lodging for the Nightʼ, ʻThe Sire de Malétroitʼs Doorʼ and ʻThe Treasure of Franchardʻ — a series that may have been intended for an edition of short stories, but there seems to be no edition using them. In January 1887 Strang also made a head and shoulders portrait of RLS (on a commission from a London editor, says Neil Munro in the Bookman Extra Number 1913), from which he made an etching in 1893, so some years before this series of illustrations. There are copies in the British Museum collection (1912,0802.19; 1949,0411.1816; 1912,0802.20; 1912,0802.21)



Miniature by unknown artist (‘TGD’): 3/4 length portrait, velvet jacket 6 loose tie, shoulder-length hair brushed behind ears

Scottish National Portrait Gallery (PG 2454)

Thayer, Abbott Handerson (1849-1921)


The Stevenson Memorial’ (1903),.
a winged female angel sits brooding on a mountain (‘Vaea’ etched on its side), hands clasped around one knee,

The Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Tommasi Ferroni ,Riccardo


Il diavolo nella bottiglia di Robert Louis Stevenson; tre acqueforti.Roma : La nuova cometa.

Three etchings in a limited edition of 105.

Tweed, J.

Bronze statuette of RLS

Silverado Museum, Beinecke Library Yale



paper mosaic head and shoulders portrait made by young schoolchildren (in a project on great Scots).

Marybank Primary School, Scotland



Small statue 




Small bust 




Full size bust (plaster) 


BLY = Beinecke Library, Yale University

Bm = Robert Louis Stevenson. The Man and his Work, Extra Number of The Bookman, 1913.

TWM = The Writers’ Museum, Edinburgh

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