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The following list does not include simplified versions for small children or foreign learners. Unless otherwise specified, the texts are abridged and on 1or 2 cassettes. Catalogues do not distinguish clearly between 'readings', 'dramatised readings (more than one voice)', and 'fully dramatised radio recordings'. Items are listed by adapter (if known), failing that by reader, and failing that by series name or publishing company.

Baldini, Piero (read by) (2007). L’isola del tesoro [Treasure Island]. Rai Radio 3, Il terzo annello (in the section ‘Ad alta voce’) 3-28 November 2007, 9.30 a.m. All programmes available at

[The ‘Introduzione’ is by Daniele Gorret (author and translator),  who cites Giorgio Manganelli’s essay on Treasure Island – the first paragraph tells us all; adding that even the title sums up the adventure story. The text is by no means naïve: Silver, in particular, is both antagonist and ‘helper’. ]

Balfour, Francis (read by). Silverado Squatters Audiobook. Blue Pylon Creative, 2005. 2 CD-set. ISBN 0976576503. $16.50 (10 or more $10). Narrated by Scottish actor Francis Balfour with musical interludes (guitar). Available from from

Bate, Anthony (read by). Treasure Island. Listen for Pleasure. £7.49. ISBN: 1 85848 012 4

BBC Radio Collection.Treasure Island. BBC (Jul 96). £8.99. ISBN: 0 563 39023 9

BBC WW (2006). Treasure Island. Downloadable dramatisation (2 hrs 2 mins.) for a fee, with Jack Shepherd, Iain Cuthbertson, Buster Merryfield, and James McPherson (young Jim Hawkins).

Probably the same as the BBC version issued in 1996. Jim Hawkins is a Scot. Another longer sample:

Britton, Jasper (read by). Treasure Island. Naxos AudioBooks. £7.99. ISBN: 9626346019

Buck, David (read by). Treasure Island. Complete & Unabridged, 6 cassettes. Cover to Cover Cassettes. £19.99. ISBN: 1 85549 411 6

Cairney, John (1986) A Child's Garden of Verses. Recorded at REL studios, Edinburgh with John Cairney and Alannah O'Sullivan. Features original music by Geoff Davidson REL RECS 481 (1986).

Campbell, Ian (2007). Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Thrawn Janet’ and ‘Markheim’. A Commentary. Audio CD. Glasgow: Association for Scottish Literary Studies. £9.95.
[‘Professor Ian Campbell, Professor of Scottish and Victorian Literature at the University of Edinburgh, here contrasts two of Stevenson’s short stories: ‘Thrawn Janet’, set in the Scottish Borders in the early eighteenth century; and ‘Markheim’, set in a pawnbroker’s shop in late nineteenth-century London. Accompanied by selected readings from the two stories, Professor Campbell examines Stevenson’s use of sinister settings and diabolic themes.’]

Canongate Audio. Beach of Falesa. Canongate Audio. £7.99. ISBN: 1 85968 073 9

Canongate Audio. Body Snatcher. Canongate Audio. £4.99. ISBN: 1 85968 067 4

Canongate Audio. Ebb Tide & Beach of Falesa. 6 cassettes. Canongate Audio. £23.99. ISBN: 1 85968 041 0

Canongate Audio. Ebb Tide. 4 cassettes. Canongate Audio. £15.99. ISBN: 1 85968 074 7

Canongate Audio. Markheim. Canongate Audio. £4.99. ISBN: 1 85968 068 2

Canongate Audio. Merry Men. Canongate Audio. £7.99. ISBN: 1 85968 069 0

Canongate Audio. Misadventures of John Nicolson. Canongate Audio. £7.99. ISBN: 1 85968 070

Canongate Audio. Short Stories, v.1. 4 cassettes. Canongate Audio. £15.99. ISBN: 1 85968 042 9; Short Stories, v.2. 4 cassettes. Canongate Audio. £15.99. ISBN: ***

Canongate Audio. Thrawn Janet. Canongate Audio. £4.99. ISBN: 1 85968 071 2

Canongate Audio. Will o' the Mill. Canongate Audio. £4.99. ISBN: 1 85968 072 0

Coltrane, Robbie (read by). Kidnapped. Penguin Audiobooks ("abridged ed."). £6.99. ISBN: 0 14 086225 0

Coltrane, Robbie (read by). Kidnapped. Penguin Audiobooks.£7.99. ISBN: 0 14 086046 0

Cosham, Ralph (2000). Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (unabr.). 2 CDs. Commuters Library. 2000, 2002 release. ISBN 1-58472-101-4. 2:30 hrs. $25. [storyteller]

Cosham, Ralph (2002). Treasure Island (unabr.). 5 CDs. Commuters Library. 2001, 2002 release. ISBN 1-58472-110-3. 6 hrs. $52.

Cumming, Alan (read by). Treasure Island. Penguin Audiobooks. £6.99. ISBN: 0 14 086227 7

Fergusson, Andrew C. (read by) (2012). ʻThrawn Janetʼ. Soundcloud
A reading with sound effects by writer and poet Andrew Fergusson

Forrest, Robert (dramatised by) (1997). The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. London: BBC Radio/Mr Punch Audio Books. (Fully dramatised radio recording) [dir: Patrick Rayner; a: Tom Fleming (as tempter inner devil ‘Legion’) & Alexander Morton (Jekyll/Hyde). This free adaptation is set in Scotland with a Scots-speaking Hyde and more genteel Edinburgh accents for the professional men.. Includes and introduction.]

Hartman, Billy (read by) (1997). Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. Abridged by Jan Fielden. Naxos AudioBooks. £7.99. ISBN: 9626345179

Holm, Ian (read by). Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Complete & Unabridged. CSA Telltapes. £7.99. ISBN: 1 873859 37 6

Hunt, Neil (read by). Treasure Island. Complete & Unabridged, 6 cassettes. ISIS Audio Books. £19.99. ISBN: 1 85695 739 X

Hyde, Jonathan (read by). Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Penguin Audiobooks. £7.99. ISBN: 0 14 086063 0.

ISIS Audio Books. Treasure Island. Complete & Unabridged, 5 cassettes. ISIS Audio Books. £31.65. ISBN: 1 85695 506 0

Lawson, Denis (read by). Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. CSA Telltapes (CSA Travelling Companion S.). £7.99. ISBN: 1 873859 26 0

le Carré, John (read by) (2007). Treasure Island (abridged by Katrin Williams). BBC Radio 4, 31st Dec. 2007-5th Jan. 2008 at 15.30: five 15-min. readings.

[This praised reading was available on the BBC site for seven days after it was broadcast; not clear if it has been made available in any other form.]

Lee, Christopher (read by). Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Music Collection International (Thrillers & Chillers S.). £5.99. ISBN: 1 897861 87 7

Molina, Alfred (read by) (2007). Treasure Island. New York: Random House/Listening Library. 9780739350461. $29.95. 6 CDs.

[Earphones Award (Audio File), Odyssey Honor award (American Library Association), ‘Molina achieves the definitive audiobook performance of Stevenson's work, breathing new life into the ageless adventure’]

Monterey Soundworks (2003). Kidnapped. (Adventure Theatre Series). (abr.). 2 cassettes. Monterey Soundworks. ISBN 1-56994-536-5. 1:49 hrs. $16.95. [‘radio theatre’ style]

Mussapi, Roberto (2007). ‘Le porte della notte. 22: Jekyll e Hyde’. Rai Radio 3, 27 February 2007, available at

[A daily 20-minute programme in which the poet (and Stevenson biographer) Roberto Mussapi (between musical frames and interludes) shares thoughts and memories and favourite passages of literature, read in his warm, almost-hynotic voice. Here he reads extracts from the first two chapters of JH, followed by brief but intelligent comments.]

Olivier, Sir Laurence (read by). Theatre Royale, vol 1 Robert Louis Stevenson's "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde", "Markheim", "Sire de Malétroit's Door" and "The Suicide Club". London: Hodder Headline Audiobooks (Golden Days of Radio Series), 1995. £7.65. ISBN: 1 85998 171 2. [fully-dramatized radio recordings from the 1950s]

McCallum, Eileen (read by) - see Scots Language Society 

Macpherson, James (read by) (2006). Kidnapped. BBC WW. Downloadable Audiobook (1 hr 9 mins.) for a fee. Long sample:

Pavier, Jeremy (read by) (2007). The Black Arrow.

[The readings are on the volunteer Internet-2-style Libribvox site (]

Pedicini, Roberto (read by). Lo strano caso del Dottor Jekyll e del Signor Hyde. RAI Radio 3, 10 episodes broadcast 1-15 December 2005 (as part of the programme ‘Il terzo anello – ad alta voce’). On-line at

[The interesting and well-informed introduction (at the beginning of the first episode) by psychoanalyst Simona Argentieri covers the connections with Freud, the many doubles found in the arts in the late nineteenth century, and the possible interpretations of Hyde. The translation used is that by Carlo Fruttero e Franco Lucentini.]

Pigott-Smith, Tim (read by) (1996). Jekyll and Hyde. BBC Radio Scotland (broadcast reading (script in University of Glasgow Library, Special Collections). This may be a re-broadcast as the reading was Issued by Talking Classics on 2 CDs/cassettes 1995. Rebroadcast on BBC Radio 7 BBC Radio 7, 22-6 October 2007; rebroadcast 2008, 2009, 2010

Praetzellis, Adrian (read by) (2007). Treasure Island.
[The readings are on the volunteer Internet-2-style Libribvox site ( Though unpaid amateur volunteers, both readers are good, in particular Praetzellis (from Sanata Monica, but British) who must have prepared each recording carefully (or be a very good sight-reader).]


Prichard, Michael (read by) (2002).  Treasure Island. San Clemente, CA: Tantor Media. 144010078X. $39.00.

Rintoul, David (read by). Kidnapped. HarperCollins Audio.£8.99. ISBN: 0 00 104786 8

Scots Language Society  (originally published by Scotsoun) (1994). Robert Louis Stevenson: 21 Poems in Scots (read by John Shedden, Eileen McCallum & Iain Cuthbertson; Introductory Comment by David Campbell). Scotsoun Productions (sscd 110). Order from Scots Language Heritage

Scots Language Society  (originally published by Scotsoun)  (1996). Thrawn Janet (read by Eileen McCallum; Psychological Interpretation by Dr A. Cameron Macdonald, Scots Language Features by Derrick McClure, Literary Features by Carol Anderson). Scotsoun Productions (sscd 120). Order from Scots Language Heritage.
[Excellent reading by a Scottish actress that renders well the irrational, self-confirming reasoning of the village gossips; interesting and useful explanations by authoritative commentators]

Scots Language Society  (originally published by Scotsoun)  (1994). A Child's Garden of Verses. (read by children; Introduction by Margaret Mackay). Scotsoun Productions (sscd 117). Order from Scots letters in Inglis.

Sessions, John (read by). Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Naxos AudioBooks. £7.99. ISBN: 962634590X

Shedden, John & Gerda Stevenson (read by); Calder, Jenni (Ed.). Treasure Islands: Robert Louis Stevenson Centenary Anthology. Nat. Museums of Scotland. £3.99. ISBN: 0 948636 64 5. With paperback: £7.99; ISBN: 0 948636 80 7.

Shedden, John (readings), Wally Allan (songs), & Neil Wilkie (script). Souvenirs of Modestine. £10, $16, FF100 from Wally Allan
[Readings from Travels wth a Donkey and Cévennes Journal interspersed with music (with RLS associations and from the Auvergne area), recreating the spirit of the 1998 120th-anniversary 'travelling festival' walk along Stevenson's route. ]

Shepherd, Jack (read by) (2003). ‘Markheim’ (45 mins). On Brian Cox, Derek Jacobi, et al (read by) (2003). Murder Most Foul 2. London: CSA Word/Uploader. ISBN: 1901768953. £15.99. CD and mp3.

Simpson, Billy (read by). Kidnapped. Listen for Pleasure (Timeless Classics,7874). £5.99. ISBN: 1 85848 305 0

Trotter, Robert (read by). Body Snatcher and Other Stories. Canongate Audio. £7.99. ISBN: 1 85968 089 5

Trotter, Robert (read by). Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Canongate Audio. £7.99. ISBN: 1 85968 079 8

Trotter, Robert (read by). Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. Canongate Audio. £7.99. ISBN: 1 85968 065 8

Wallis, Bill (read by). Treasure Island. Collins Audio. £8.99. ISBN: 0 00 101792 6

Welles, Orson (1938). Treasure Island. CBS. French CD release: Phonurgia Nova PN 0461/7.

Weiss, Jim (2001). Treasure Island. 1 cassette or 1 CD.. Greathall Prods. cassette, ISBN 1-882513-51-7: $10.95; CD, ISBN 1-882513-76-2; approx. 60 min $14.95. [storyteller]

Williamson, Robin  (readings), Robin Williamson & Lawson Dando (music) (2000).  Robert Louis Stevenson's Edinburgh. Rattle Records RR001, Barcode 654168600123
[readings complimented with traditional tunes. Can be ordered direct from Pig's Whisker Music, P.O. Box 114, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S40 3YU, England.  email: The CDs are £12.99 UK or £13.99 Rest Of World the Cassettes are £9.99 UK or £10.99 Rest Of World (cheques/ international money orders in sterling and drawn on a UK bank/ credit cards). Robin Williams was co-founder of 60s group 'The Incredible String Band']

Worldtainment (2002). Kidnapped in MP3 for $9.95. Worldtainment. Unanbridged.

2013 Robert Louis Stevenson's The Black Arrow
Type: radio dramatization (Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air)

Author: Gareth Tilley

Cast: Colin Budzyna (Dick), Natalie Vatcher (Joanna), and J.T. Turner

2014 Strange Tales: Three Uncanny Tales by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Type: podcast readings by Scots Whay Hae!

Readers: ‘Thrawn Janet’ read by Alan Bisset, ‘The Tale of Tod Lapraik’ read by James Robertson, and ‘The Bottle Imp’, read by Louise Welsh.
Notes: the blog posting contains links to download texts; the iTunes link to the 'Scots Whay Hae' podcasts allows both streaming audio and downloading

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