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G 120 = Geduld p. 120; G1 = No. 1 in Geduld's listing of theatre productions, pp. 214-17


1887 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Thomas Russell Sullivan for Richard Mansfield)
Type: stage play (melodrama)
Author: Thomas Russell Sullivan
First performance: Boston Museum, 9-13 May 1887
Cast: written for the actor-manager Richard Mansfield (in the title roles, and who starred in revivals until 1906, Lin 170, M 229-30)
Other performances: (i) Madison Square Theater, New York, 12 Sept - 1 Oct 1887, followed by a US tour 3 Oct 1887 - 25 June 1888 (including Washington 1887, Boston, and return to New York 1888); in Philadelphia, Boston, New York, New Jersey 1897; then in North Carolina 1904; and in New York 1906. For dates of performances 1887-1906, see M 229-230, n59, N 163-4. (ii) Lyceum Theatre, London, 4 Aug 1888 but replaced at the end of Sept because it was not very successful (not because of the Jack the Ripper murders, see D&C). (iii) Athens State University (Athens, Alabama), 2007, first performance in recent times. Also 2008 as second annual Halloween theatrical performance, dir. Tom McDougle, Oct 30-31 2008, Griffin Auditorium, McCandless Hall, Athens University.
Plot: Adds female roles: Mrs Lanyon, Agnes Carew (daughter of Sir Danvers, J's fiance), Rebecca Moore (Hyde's evil housekeeper); H kills Carew, the father of Agnes, who then urges Jekyll to seek justice for the crime; Hyde alone in his room at the end commts suicide; dramatizes the problematic competitiveness among men (M 25).To make the protagonist a sympathetic figure, Jekyll becomes a melancholy young student of the Hamlet type (Pierce 166). N 164-5 and Lin 152 give brief summaries.
Script: The script is published by D&C collated from (i) British Library Add. 53409B (London production), (ii) Smithsonian Institution (Washington, D.C.), National Museum of American History, Mansfield Costume Collection 62906, Catalog 19526) (Boston production), (iii) New York Public Library Research dept., Theatre Collection RM 4894 (revised American version) (see D&C 43). R 157, says the orig. typescript is in the Theatre Collection, NPL, Lincoln Center Branch and as a microfilm in the Library of the Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute, Ohio State Univ., Columbus. There are also unpublished notes of the stage interpretation in the Huntington Library. For a study of the script and staging, see P and D&C; programme of première at the Beinecke Library
Other listings: G2

1887 Dr Freckle and Mr Snide
Type stage play (comedy)
First performance: Dockstader's Minstrel Hall, New York, Oct 3 1887
Other listings: G3
[Paul Wilstach in Richard Mansfield, the Man and the Actor (1908) says that after Mansfield's success 'other versions of every type, from indifferent to unmentionable, sprung up like mushrooms all over the country', qu. D&C 83]

1888 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (John McKinney for Daniel Bandman)
Type: stage play (melodrama)
Author: John McKinney
First performance: Niblo's Garden, New York 12 March 1888 (D&C: vii; 13 March for Mehew [Letters 6: 125n] and Pierce 169]; Geduld [and from him, M] has Amphion Academy, N.Y., 19 March 1888)
Cast: Daniel Bandman (J/H)
Other performances: Boston Theatre 9 April 1888 (M), then Opera Comique, London, 6 Aug 1888 (M also lists a performance in the Opera House, Savannah, Georgia, 1902
Plot: As in Mansfield's version, Hyde kills the father (here a vicar) of his fiancée, Sybil, at the end of Act I, who then seeks justice for her fathers death and is present at the end for a melodramatic adieu; this version emphasizes competition among men while women appeal to each others' sympathy (M 24-5). Includes several comic scenes. The play identifies Hyde's vice as sexual desire. Much of the action takes place between the vicarage and the neighbouring church, and religion, as well as romance, works to mitigate the novels sense of pervasive corruption (M 24), Hyde is not met by an Enfield cruising the streets of London, but by the Vicar returning from visiting a sick parishioner
Script: British Library Add. 53408K, published in D&C. Pierce (173) claims that Bandmann's Hyde with wild hair, hideous false teeth and animal leaps influenced 20th century interpretations. Len Spencer recites a part of the Transformation Scene from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde from the Bandmann version, in a recording (c. 1905) issued by the Columbia Phonograph Company.
Other listings: G4, N
[author's name supplied by M, 45]

[1888 two productions in Croydon (Theatre Royal, by actor/manager Howard Poole) and in Merthyr Tydfil (no further details). The first (and probably the second) stopped by Longmans (in favour of Mansfield, because it violated copyright laws) and never performed. Both are recorded for same day, 26 July 1888 (G5 and G6); for suppression by Longmans, see D&C 134, M 45 n61]

1888 The Real Case of Hide and Seekyl (George Grossmith)
Type stage play (musical farce)
Author: George Groossmith
First performance: Royalty Theatre, London, 3 Sept 1888
Script: MS at Yale (B 7231), where a note confirms the title (wrongly recorded in Prideaux) and the date of first performance
Other listings: G1, G7 (listed as two different productions)
[originally planned for Toole' Theatre, London, in May 1886 ("The capabilities of Mr. Louis Stevensons Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll for the purposes of political satire are obvious. Mr. George Grossmith has taken advantage of this to make it the basis of a trifle that will be produced shortly by Mr. Toole", Daily News 16 May 1886, p. 3), but postponed because of illness (The Era 22 May and 19 June 1886). Pierce, 171n, claims the 1888 play was called the Phantom, but D&C disagree (p. viii n) and identify it as a musical farce based on JH, amended to take account of the Mansfield and Bandman London productions. M cites a ref to the play in the Lord Chamberlain's Plays Index in the British Library: LCP 53358 (L)]

1888 (Lipman)
Type: stage play
First performance: Chicago, 26 Nov 1888
Cast: A. S. Lipman (J/H)
Other listings: G9, M 55

1888 (Clarke)
Type: stage play
Author: Marlande Clarke
First performance: New York, Rochester, Chicago, Brooklyn 1888-90 (Odell 14: 174)
Cast: Marlande Clarke (J/H)
Other listings: M 45

1893 (Fletcher)
Type: stage play
First performance: Herman's Theatre, New York, 25 May 1893
Cast: Charles Leonard Fletcher (J/H)
Other perfomances: Bowdoin Square Theater, Boston, 1898 (M [p. 46] suggests the 1893 and 1898 productions, both with Fletcher, were possibly the same production)
Other listings: G13 (1898), M 46 (1893)

1894 (MacKaye)
Type: stage play
First performance: Temple Theatre, Lewistown, Pennsylvania, 5 Dec 1894
Cast: Al MacKaye (J/H)
Other listings: G10, M 46

1894 (Edmund Elton)
Type: stage play
Author: Edmund Elton
First performance: Union Hall, Boston
Cast: Edmund Elton (J/H)
Other listings: G11, M 46

1896 The Doctor's Shadow (H.A. Saintsbury)
Type: stage play
First performance: Prince's Theatre, Acrington, England, 2 Jan 1896
Other listings: G12
["suggested by Stevenson's work", G]

1898 (Edwin Tanner)
Type: stage play
Author: Edwin Tanner
First performance: Grand Opera House, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
Other listings: G14


[19** Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. MS prompt book of unknown adaptation in New York Public Library NCOF]

1901 (Shea)
Type: stage play
First performance: Academy of Music, Washington DC
Other performances: State Street Theatre, Trenton, New Jersey, 1905 (M, p.230 n65, identifies the 1901 and 1905 play as the same, with reference to the Theater Collection Scrapbooks in Princeton University Library)
Cast: Thomas E. Shea (J/H)
Other listings: G16 (1905); M 46

1904 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Or a Mis-Spent Life. A Drama in Four Acts (Luella Forepaugh Fish and George F. Fish)
Type: stage play (melodrama)
First performance: Forepaugh's Theatre, Philadelphia (M&F 170)
Plot: The father of J's fiancée (Alice) is the vicar (as in the Bandmann version) and she calls for justice after the murder of her father (as in the Mansfield and Bandmann versions). Plot has heavy racist overtones. Brief summary M&F 171; longer summary M 29-30
Script: typescript in the Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute, Ohio State Univ., Columbus; script pub. NY: Samuel French, 1904
Other listings: not in G, M 46-7
[1904 is the date given by R and M&F, but M has 1897 (so this may be the date of the first performance, with 1904 as the publication date for the script; filmed in Chicago in 1908 (dir. Otis Turner)]

1904 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Campbell Stratton)
Type: stage play
First performance: Castle Square Theatre, Boston, Mass., 4-11 July 1904
Other listings: M 47 and 230 n66

1905 (Durkin)
Type: stage play
First performance: Proctor's 58th Street Theatre, New York, 17 July 1905
Cast: James Durkin (J/H)
Other listings: G15, M 47
[M has "Proctor's Criterion Theatre"]

[1905 (Eugene Thomas), "no other information" G17; omitted by M]

1906 (Adelade Ober)
Type: stage play
Author: Adelade Ober
First performance: West End Theatre, London, 16 June 1906 Cast: George Ober (J/H)
Other listings: G18, M 47

[1907, Globe Theatre, Boston, with Victor Monroe Morse as J/H; G19; further information required]

1908 The Mysterious Case of Lord Jekyll and Edward Hyde (E. Morton and J. F. Cunniver)
Type: stage play
Author: E. Morton and J. F. Cunniver
First performance: Intimen Teater, Vienna
Plot: H turns into J after death watched by Utterson and J's fiancée (
[the basis for the 1914 Max Mack film; info from and Gerald Baer, Da Motif des Doppelgaengers (2005), 672]

1910 (Joseph William Comyns Carr)
Type: stage play
Author: Joseph William Comyns
First performance: Queen's Theatre, London, 1910
Cast: H .B. Irving (Henry Irving's son) (J/H); Dorothea Baird (Mrs Jekyll)
Plot: the usual drawing-room scenes. Photo in V&H, two promotional photographs
Script: British Library Add. 65880C, published in D&C; the following items in the NPL catalog NCOF+ ZZ22022 and ZZ22017 are identified there as "Mansfield R. Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Typescript" but are actually fragments making up most of this 1910 version by Carr; for a discussion see D&C; see also M 30
Other listings: G20, M 47
[G gives première as 29 Jan 1910, but D&C (p. 191) say Lord Chamberlain's licence issued on 31 Jan 1910, so first performance would have been in Feb; M (p.30) gives the first performance as April 1910]

[1910 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. A Drama in Four Acts (Nelson Comptson), MS in New York Public Library; uncertain if ever performed; see G (H.1 p. 217)]

1910 Strange Case of Mr Beabie (A. Law)
Type: stage play
Author: A. Law
First performance: London
Other listings: [M 47, referring to Lord Chamberlain's Playscripts in British Library


[1915? The Jekyl and Hyde Woman, by Anna Bird Stewart, "A play in one act, written for Mrs. Mansfield from the original play by T.R. Sullivan and the story by Robert Louis Stevenson". The Typescript is in New York Public Library. This would seem to be the first example of the variant of the JH story that makes both protagonists female (later used in Emma Tennant's novel Two Women of London, 1989). Listed in G 193]


1923 The Strange of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (John E. Kellard)
Type: stage play
Author: John E. Kellerd
First performance: Belmont Theatre, New York, 26 Feb 1923
Cast: John E. Kellerd(J/H)
Plot: emphasis on the mental struggle of Dr. Jekyll
Other listings: G21

1927 (Lena Ashwell and Roger Pocock)
Type: stage play
Author: Lena Ashwell and Roger Pocock
First performance: Century Theatre, London, March 28 1927 (M&F)
Cast: Wilfred Fletcher (J/H)
Other performances: "Q Theatre", London and Pier, Eastbourne, both May 1927 (G lists this as separate version, though main actor and adaptors are the same)
Plot: Set in 1927; criticizes Victorian patriarchal society through J's wife, Bessie (an independent woman)
Other listings: G 22 and 23, M 49 (citing Lord Chamberlain's Playscripts in British Library


1931 (William Senior)
Type: stage play
Author: William Senior
First performance: Savoy Theatre, London, 14 July 1931
Other performances: Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, Dec 1935
Cast: Arthur Phillips (J/H)
Other listings: G24, M 49 and 50
[2 photos in V&H; Geduld identifies the 1931 and 1935 plays as the same, while M lists them as separate, identifying author and actor only for the 1935 version, but does not comment or explain the separation; cites LCP 1931/23 for the 1931 production]

1932 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Betty Rolands)
Type: radio dramatization
Author: Betty Rolands
First performance: 2GB, Australia, 1932 (also found as being broadcast by BBC)
Cast: George Edwards (J/H) (also producer)
Plot: completely rewritten as sentimental society drama/comedy in 52 12-minute installments, starting with Christmas scenes from Jekyll's childhood, country life, dances, garden parties, etc.; interesting historical document: middle-class English family drama conventions, morality and accents throughout
[available on episodes 1-10, 11-20, 21-25, 26-35, 36-45, 46-52 ]

1933 (A.W. Akrill)
Type: stage play
Author: A.W. Akrill
First performance: London, 1933
Other listings: M 50 (citing Lord Chamberlain's Playscripts 1933/34 in the British Library)


1941 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Richard Abbott)
Type: stage play
Author: Richard Abbott
First performance: 1941?
Other performances: Mesquite Community Theatre, Dallas, 24 Sept - 9 Oct 2004; Court Street Theatre, Nashua, NH, by the Merrimack Community Theatre, Nov 1997; by Canyon Theatre, Saugus, Santa Clarita, CA, Oct 2000; and doubtless many others
Plot: two actors for J and H
Script: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. A Play in Three Acts. London and New York: Samuel French
["only American version currently published for production purposes, and the only close American nonmusical adaption currently available for use on stage ofr over fifty years" R 6--this probably explains the amateur productions listed in "Other performances"; since R's comment in 1996, the versions by Edgar and Hatcher have had some success]

1946 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee)
Type: radio dramatization
Author: Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee
First performance: broadcast in the national-networked Favorite Story series, 20 Aug 1946 (R 158)
Cast: William Conrad (J/H)
Plot: starts with Jekyll in scientific debate with Utterson and Lanyon (in the film tradition). ‘Good and evil’ and ‘double personality’ explicitly identified by Jekyll. Transformation near the beginning (as in the film tradition)
Script: typescript in the Library of the Lawrence and Lee Theatre Research Institute, Ohio State University, Columbus
[Jekyll pronounced jee-kill. Lawrence and Lee were progressive playwrights, whose later successes include "Inherit the Wind" (1955); streaming audio at]

1947 (Edward Percy)
Type: stage play (probably a thriller)
First performance: London, 1947
Author: Edward Percy
[M 50, citing Lord Chamberlain's Playscripts in British Library; Percy specialized in stage "thrillers"]

1948 (Short Story series)
Type: radio dramatization
First performance: NBS Short Story series, 1947
[title is "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" for R 158, but another sources has "The Story of Dr Jekyll"]

1950 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Theatre Guild on the Air)
Type: radio dramatization
First performance: in the Theatre Guild on the Air, 19 Nov 1950
Cast: Frederick March (J/H), Barbara Bel Geddes, Hugh Williams
[March had won an oscar for his performance of Jekyll in Mamoulian's 1931 film; streaming audio on]


1954 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Theatre Royal)
Type: radio dramatization
First performance: in the NBC Theatre Royal series, 30 Jan 1954
Cast: Laurence Olivier (J/H)
[streaming audio at]

1956 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Lance Sieveking )
Type: radio dramatization
Author: Lance Sieveking
First performance: in the BBC Home Service Saturday Night Theatre series, 8 Feb 1956
Cast: Cyril Shaps, Richard Williams, Manning Wilson, Gordon Davies, James Thomason, Geoffrey Lumsden
Other performances: adapted for the stage and performed by the Repertory Theatre , Birmingham, 1956 (M 52, citing LCP 1956/53)
Other listings: M 52, G 217
Script: in Plays of the Year vol 15. London, pp. 245-346

1954 Docteur Jekyll et mister Hyde (Frédéric Dard)
Type: stage play (thriller)
Author: Frédéric Dard
First performance: Théâtre du Grand-Guignol, Paris, 1954
Director: Robert Hossein
[in the Paris theatre that specialized in naturalistic horror shows]

1957 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (J. Maxwell)
Type: stage play
First performance: London, 1957
Author: J. Maxwell
Other listings: M 52 (citing LCP 1957/32)
[more information required]


1961 Lo strano caso del dottor Jekyll e del signor Hyde (Carmelo Bene)
Type: stage play (experimental)
Author: Carmelo Bene
First performance: Genova, Teatro la Borsa d'Arlecchino, 1961
[Carmelo Bene ((1937-2002), provocative avant-garde Italian actor, wrote the script, was director and principal actor; sets by G. Bignardi. The production is described in a lightly fictionalised account by Tonino Conte (2002) in Lamato Bene. Torino: Einaudi (pp. 43-49). For him Bene is not a director but a fanatic shaman; lines that were given great emphasis in the production (and remain in Contes memory) included "till the banks open" ("finché la banca non aprirà"), a line repeated thousands of times in rehearsals according to Conte, and "Utterson, for Gods sake, have mercy!" ("Utterson, per l'amor di Dio, abbia pietà!"), "I bring the life of that unhappy Henry Jekyll to an end" ("pongo fine alla vita dell'infelice Henry Jekyll"), and "Did you ever remark that door? It is connected in my mind with a very odd story" ("Avete mai notato quella porta? nella mia mente connessa ad una storia molto strana"). Carmelo Bene had half his face made up as Jekyll, half as Hyde]

1968 After You, Mr Hyde (Leonora Thuna and Norman Sachs)
Type: musical
Author: Leonora Thuna (book), Norman Sachs (music), Mel Mandel (lyrics)
First performance: Goodspeed Opera House, East Haddam, Conn.
Cast: Alfred Drake, Nancy Dussault, Christopher Hewett
Director: Howard Da Silva
Other performances: see under 1990
Other listings: M&F
[apparently the basis for the 1973 TV musical with Kirk Douglas, though M&F give the credits for that as Lionel Bart, Norman Sachs and Mel Mandel, with no mentioon of Leonora Thuna]


1973 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Ed Thompson)
Type: stage play
Author: Ed Thompson
First performance: Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, April 1973 [?]
Other performances: Nottingham Playhouse and at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield in the late 1970s and early 1980s (M)
[uncertain information: M (p 54) has adaptation by "Ed Thomoson [sic]; Derby Playhouse; the Belgrade Theatre Company, Coventry, April 1973" - an entry which clearly contains errors, especially as the Derby Playhouse apparently opened in 1975]

1974 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Opera in 13 scenes (Wallace Earl De Pue)
Type: opera
Author: Wallace Earl De Pue
First performance: Bowling Green State University, Ohio, April 25 1974
Plot: follows Stevenson's text quite closely (no fiancée, but, following the stage/film tradition, Dr. Jekyll is a man of compassion and honor, the final experiment can only be tried on himself, and Hyde murders a prostitute); Jekyll and Hyde are two different performers, a bass-baritone (H) and tenor (J); more information and a newspaper review at College of Musical Arts, Bowling Green University
Script: MS score and tape in archival storage at The MacDowell Colony, Peterborough (New Hampshire; USA); photocopy of MS in New York Public Library
[according to De Pue, at the first performance in 1974, Hugh Ross, then director of the New York City Opera, said that it was probably the finest contemporary opera he had yet heard]

1975 (Paul Lee)
Type: stage play
Author: Paul Lee
First performance: Drury Theater, Cleveland, Ohio, 26 Dec 1976 - 7 Feb 1977
Director: Paul Lee
Cast: Jonathan Farwell (J), Robert Snook (Lanyon)
Other listings: M&F 172-3

[1977 Don't Try to Hyde from me, Doctor Jekyll, Bill Majeski. Chicago : Dramatic Pub. Co. Spoof comedy: a shy young doctor develps a pill to help him overcome his insecurity, partly in respoinse to his beautiful fiancée who insists that he get himself together. His experiments turn him into a totally different person—a wildly "on" stand-up comic (i.e. in the tradition of the 1963 Jerry Lewis film). His brief transformation delights everyone except his girl who is horrified at the change. Not clear if this has been produced.]

1979 Dr Jekyll Of Rodney Street (Bill Morrison)
Type: stage play
Author: Bill Morrison
First performance: Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, 11 April 1979
Director: Mel Smith
Cast: Jack Klaff (J/H)
Other performances: Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, 15 June 2005, with Jack Klaff (J/H)
Plot: cast includes the young Adolf Hitler (who reputedly spent some time in Liverpool before WW I
Script: script, programme, poster etc. in the Everyman Theatre Archive, Liverpool John Moores University
Other listings: M 55

1979 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the True Story (Andy Smith)
Type: stage play
First performance: Theatre in the Mill, University of Bradford, Oct 1979
Other listings: M 55

1980 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Jim Marvin)
Type: stage play
Author: Jim Marvin
First performance: Down Center Stage, Dallas, 8 April 1980
Director: C. P. Hendrie
Cast: Wayne Lambert (J), Jeffrey Kinhorn (H)
Other performances: University of Alabama Theatre, 1979-80 season; at Gallaudet University, 1997, with Abet Roin (Dr Henrietta Jekyll) and J. Bunnag (Me Edward Hyde)
Other listings: M&F 173

1980 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a romantic opera in one act (Barry O'Neal and Robin Jones)
Type: opera
Author: Barry O'Neal (music) and Robin Jones (libretto)
First performance: The Cell, Center for Contemporary Opera, New York, 11 Feb 2009
Plot: J has fiancée (Joanna Enfield); he debates his theories with a sceptical Carew (as in the Hollywood tradition), takes the potion to prove his case, turns into Hyde, strangles Carew, winessed by Joanna; J realizes he cannot control his transformations, calls Joanna and his best friend Enfield to explain what happened, transforms spontaneously into Hyde, kills Enfield, in a moment of clarity as Jekyll understands the situation, takes poison and dies in Joanna's arms
Script: photocopy of MS in New York Public Library
[The NYPL catalog gives the date 1980 for the MS (AMC ML50 O58D6), though no information as yet for performance before 2009]

[c. 1980 (placed here because of concentration of comic versions about this date) Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, George William Oakley. A 40-min. comic version: "In a most unusual (and hilarious) conclusion, there is an on-stage battle between Jekyll and Hyde... with the good winning out in the end", Pioneer Drama Service]


1981 Jekyll and Hyde (Leonard H. Caddy)
Type: stage play
Author: Leonard H. Caddy
First performance: 1981 is the date of the published script; not clear when it was first performed
Other performances: Stickney, Illinois, Oct-Nov 1990; Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, Feb 1997; by Theatre64, Yately, UK, 27-30 Oct 2004 ; by the Marlowe Players at the Derby Playhouse Studio Theatre, 26-30 Oct 2004; by the Boundary Players at Newbury Theatre, UK, 7-11 Feb 2006; by Millenium Stage in North Kirklees, near Huddersfield, March 2006; by the Taunton Thespians at The Brewhouse, Taunton, dir. Stuart Lyddon, March 2007; by the Hebden Bridge Little Theatre (W. Yorkshire), dir. Vaughan Leslie with Mike Bellenie in the title roles, Nov-Dec 2007
Plot: publisher's presentation: In this retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's famous story, Dr. Jekyll is introduced just as he is on the brink of discovering the key to man's inner reality. One evening he experiments on himself and finds that his formula works. Unfortunately, his "real" self turns out to be the monster Edward Hyde. Jekyll continues his researches, spending more and more time as Hyde until this horrifying character takes over. Jekyll's fiance [Clementine] and friends slowly become aware of the changes in him but are powerless to help. Jekyll himself finds it more and more difficult to keep Hyde at bay, and his initial delight soon turns to despair. When Hyde brutally murders one of the young maids, he realizes his experiment has gone too far, and he takes the only possible course of action left to him. Suggests that evil is the true character of everyone and shows Jekylls friends as complicit with him
Script: London: Samuel French
Other listings: M 37-8; C 140

[1981 Kurt Vonnegut, The Chemistry Professor. In Palm Sunday: An Autobiographical Collage. New York: Dell. Musical play based on Jekyll and Hyde. MS in Indiana University Library, Vonnegut MSS, box 4, folder 17, where it is dated 1978; the same collection has: Vonnegut, Kurt. n.d. Shilling Shocker (story line for a musical play based on Jekyll and Hyde), Box 10, folder 8; the University of Delaware Library also has a photocopy of Shilling Shocker and photocopy of a letter from Vonnegut describing the material: Seymour Lawrence Publishing Files related to Kurt Vonnegut, Box 4, Folder 206.]

1983 Problem Potion: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Colston Corris)
Type: stage play (melodrama)
Author: Colston Corris
First performance: Apple Corps Theater, New York, Aug 1983
Direcor: Christopher Catt
Cast: Orson Bean (J), Eric Booth (H).
Plot: other roles: melodramatic version with romance interest (as in the Hollywood tradition) and churchman patriarch Carew (as in the early stage versions by Bandmann and by Forepaugh and Fish) but, unusually, two actors for the title roles
Other listings: M 38, 56

1983 I Was a Teenage Jekyll and Hyde (Randall Lewton and Peter Miller)
Type: musical (for schools)
Author: Randall Lewtonl (book and lyrics) and Peter Miller (music)
First performance: 1983 is the date of the published script: not clear when it was first performed
Other performances: New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth, 2002; Carlton Theatre, Teignmouth, 2003; in an abridged form at the Athénée de Luxembourg, 2003; Denston College, Dec 2009; at Ilkley Grammar School, March 2010; and doubtless many others
Script: London: Samuel French
Plot: Eustace Crucible, crazed chemistry teacher, has found a formula to enhance his appearance and intelligence. But courage fails him and he persuades downtrodden Sylvester Jekyll to drink the potion transforming him into Hyde, a super-cool, handsome, laid-back youth (the 1963 "Nutty Professor" twist: see films). Between momentary flashbacks to his real self, Hyde learns of people's true feelings for Sylvester and, in the end, decides to be himself. 16 musical numbers.

1984 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Christopher Martin)
Type: stage play
Author: Christopher Martin
First performance: Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent, June 1984; New Vic Theatre, London, 13 June 1984
Plot: two actors for the lead roles
Other listings: M 56 (no further confirmation of this version on internet searches, however)

1984 Jekyll Hydes Again! (Jack Sharkey and Dave Reiser)
Type: musical (screwball)
Author: Jack Sharkey and Dave Reiser (book, music and lyrics)
Other performances: Milam Community Theater, Cameron, TX, July-Aug 2000
Plot: Jekyll's son, just out of medical school, arrives to clear up his late father's estate and rediscovers Formula Number One, the dangerous potion that turned Dad into Mr. Hyde
Script: New York: Samuel French, 1984
Other listings: M&F 174

1984 Under Jekyll's Hyde (Tim Kelly)
Type: stage play (short high school comedy)
First performance: Kelvedon Players, UK, 2006 (Best Youth Production at the NEETG One-act Play Festival) (first identified performance)
Other performances: Plano Children's Theatre, Plano, TX, 27 Oct 2007; at Hillcrest Center for the Arts, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2008; by Young Artists Ensemble, 2009-10 season; at Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons High School, April 2010; at Tri Lakes Center for the Arts, Colorado, 2010; and doubtless many others
Script: Englewood, CO: Pioneer Drama Service, n.d.; Droitwich: Hanbury Plays, 1984
[30-minute farce, possibly the basis for Kelly's musical Doctor Jekyll - Please Don't Hyde (see 1996 entry)]

1985 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Brooke)
Type: radio play
Author: Jill Brooke
First performance: 1985, BBC Radio 4 (in the ʻSeventh Dimensionʼ series)
Cast: Michael Aldridge (Jekyll), James Bryce (Hyde), Bernard Hepton (Utterson)
Director: Glyn Dearman
[starts with a narrative by Utterson; ʻEventually Jekyll and Hyde were brought together in an effective transformation scene, which began with Aldridge speaking more and more feverishly, and finishing his speech with a blood-curdling yellʼ, radiodramareviews]

1985 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Donald Campbell)
Type: stage play
Author: Donald Campbell
First performance: Dundee Repertory Theatre, Feb 1985
Director: Robert Robertson
Cast: Kenneth Gilbert (J)
Plot: two actors for J and H
Script: in National Library of Scotland and University of Glasgow Library, Special Collections
Other listings: M 38
[M (p. 38 and n) quotes Campbell on his rejection of one actor for the title roles, citing the programme in the British Theatre Museum]

1988 Dr Jekyll et Lady Hyde (Philippe Cohen)
Type: stage play
Author: Philippe Cohen
First performance: Théâtre Boulimie, Lausanne, 1988
Cast: Sara Barberis (J/H)
Script: Lausanne: Favre, 1988

[1989 Robert Macklin, Jekyll and Hyde. Adapted from Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Louisville: Aran Press. Not clear if ever produced]

1989 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Georg Osterman)
Type: stage play (high camp melodrama)
Author: Georg Osterman
First performance: The Ridiculous Theater Company, Charles Ludlam Theater, New York, Dec 1989
Director: Kate Stafford
Cast: Everett Quinton (J/H)
Plot: J is convinced that a mild librarian turned serial killer is suffering from a mental disease; this idea is derided by Dr Braintwain (= Lanyon) and J decides to prove it by drinking the potion and turning into Eddie Hyde. Hyde goes to a joint, the Fruit Bowl, where he befriends singer Lily Gay (Osterman)...
Script: New York: French, 1990
Other listings: M 58, M&F 173
["Iconoclastic production", M&F. "Mr. Quinton, the company's artistic director, plays both the high verbal and low physical comedy with absolute conviction. He wrings his hands, coaxing melodrama from his most florid lines, some of them lifted right from Stevenson.'There's something strange in my sensations,' he confides to the audience in one of his bouts of overheated philosophizing. 'Something indescribably new, and from its very novelty, incredibly sweet,' he says, snapping each hard consonant against his tongue with relish", New York Times review]

1989 The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Bumble: or, Who Framed Dorian Gray? (Kjartan Poskitt)
Type: rock musical (youth theatre)
Author: Kjartan Poskitt
First performance: London Actors' Theatre Company, Latchmere Theatre, London, Nov 1990-Jan 1991

1989 Jekyll and Hyde Follies (Natural Theatre Company)
Type: stage play
First performance: New Vic, Bristol, 6-11 Feb 1989; London International Mime Festival, 1989
Director: Pavel Douglas
[The Bath-based Natural Theatre Company, founded in 1970, specializes in comic-visual theatre. Jekyll and Hyde Follies won the London Fringe Award for Best Comedy]

1990 Jekyll and Hyde (Leonora Thuna, Norman Sachs, Mel Mandel)
Type: musical
Author: Leonora Thuna (book), Norman Sachs (music), Mel Mandel (lyrics)
First performance: George Street Playhouse, New Bruswick, New Jersey
Director: Gregory S. Hurst
Cast: John Cullum (J), Ann Kerry Ford (Margaret)
[re-working of "After You, Mr Hyde" (1968); "uninteresting musical rooted in the romantic traditions of operetta (minus the essential melodiousness) with a desultory bow in the direction of spooky melodrama", New York Times review]

1990 Jekyll and Hyde (Youth Version) (David Crane, Marta Kauffman, Michael Skoff )
Type: musical (contemporary, youth)
Author: David Crane and Marta Kauffman (book and lyrics), Michael Skoff (music)
First performance: Promenade Theater, off Broadway
Director: Jay Harnick
Cast: Christopher Scott (Henry)
Other performances: Promenade Theater, New York by TheatreworksUSA, dir. Jay Harnick, June-July 2006
Plot: loosely based on JH, names changed; teenage chemistry wiz creates a substance which changes him from a nerd into the coolest kid in school. When craving for the substance takes over his life, he decides to stop using it, cannot, and realizes that he needs help
Other listings: M&F 171

1990 The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Adam Brace)
Type: stage play
Author: Adam Brace
First performance: Battersea Arts Centre, 1990
Other performances: Edinburgh Fringe by the Velocet company with Thom Disney (J) and Tom Stuart (Utterson), 2004 (Runner Up, Guardian Fringe Award)
Plot: stays close to Stevenson's novel, tracing the investigation Utterson as he tries to discover the fate of his friend Jekyll
[for 2 actors; klive music and innovative physical storytelling]

1990 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Robin Brooks)
Type: stage play
Author: Robin Brooks
First performance: Empty Space Repertory Company, Newcastle, UK, 1990
Other performances: Citizens Theatre Circle Studio, Glasgow, 1993; "performed all over the world from 1990 to 1997", Helen Cunningham
Script: prompt script in Glasgow University Library Special Collections
[David Edgar claims that this version was an influence on his own Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, 1996, Introduction, p. ix]

1990 Jekyll & Hyde (Leslie Bricusse and Frank Wildhorn)
Type: musical (gothic, contemporary)
Author: Leslie Bricusse (book, lyrics) and Frank Wildhorn (music); originally conceived for the stage by Steve Cuden and Frank Wildhorn
Script: New York: Cherry Lane Music Company, 1998
First performance: Alley Theatre, Houston, 1990 (a Broadway production had been prepared by Wildhorn in 1987 but was not staged because for lack of investment after the Stock Market crash, he then rewrote the musical with Bricuse)
Other performances: Houston's Theatre Under the Stars, 1995, with Chuck Wagner (J/H), which toured to Seattle, Feb-March 1995 and other cities Aug 1995 - April 1996; at Plymouth Theater, Broadway, New York (dir. Robin Pillips), from 28 April 1997 to 7 Jan 2001 with Robert Cuccioli in the lead roles; and many other productions worldwide
Recordings: music on concept CDs 1990, 1994; video recording by Broadway Television Network, aired on HBO network in 2002 and 2003
Plot: Adds love interest familiar from film versions; shows corruption spread thtough society (M p. 41); ends with wedding of Jekyll and Emma Carew and a final transformation to Hyde; a virtuoso piece is "Confrontation" in which the lead actor duets as J and H


1991, 1996 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (David Edgar)
Type: stage play
Author: David Edgar
First performance: The Royal Shakespeare Company at the Barbican Theatre, London, 21 Nov 1991
Director: Peter Wood
Cast: Roger Allam (J), Simon Russell Beale (H)
Other performances: Cornell University, Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, 1993. The 1996 version first performed at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre with David Schofield in both title roles, 1996; then Pioneer Theatre Company, Salt Lake City, 29 Oct - 15 Nov 2003, dir. Geoffrey Sherman with Kurt Rhoads as J/H; Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Angus Bowmer Theater, Ashland, Oregon, dir. Penny Metropulos with James Newcomb as J/H, 26 July - 28 Oct 2006; Perth Theatre, Scotland, dir. Graham McLaren with Kevin McMonagle (J/H), Also 9-25 Nov 2006; and doubtless many other productions
Script: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: Play. London: Hern Books, 1992 (86 pp.). Revised edition 1996 (96 pp.).
Plot: in the 1991 version, J and H were played by two actors who dialogue together (Jekyll with a light Edinburgh accent, Hyde with a strong Glasgow accent), in the 1996 version one actor plays both parts. Edgar explains the reason for the change in the Introduction to the revised version: the first version denied the audience "the pleasure of seeing one man turn himself into another before their very eyes" and "the theatre's remorseless corporeality prevented the audience making the essential leap of belief" that they were the same person

1991 The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Stephen Metcalfe)
Type: stage play
Author: Stephen Metcalfe
First performance: Theatro Technis , London, 1991

1991 Sperinck, Jim. Jekyll in Hiding (Jim Sperinck)
Type: stage play (comedy, possibly youth-oriented)
Author: Jim Sperinck
First performance: Fatfield Junior Operatic Society and Rainbow Youth Theatre, Washington, NE England, in 1997 (first identified performance)
Plot: "The bewildered Bennington-Smythes escape from the horror of 221b Baker Street [see Sperinck's play "Holmes Sweet Holmes"]. The couple answer an ad for a flat in a quieter part of London. But will they find the tranquillity they are seeking in the house of the infamous Dr. Jekyll? Or will chaos and confusion reign?"
Script: Jekyll in Hiding: a one-act comedy. Hemel Hempsted: Jasper

1993 The Trial of Dr. Jekyll (William L. Slout)
Type: stage play
Author: William L. Slout
First performance: Theatre Department, California State University, San Bernardino, 1993
Plot: "focuses on Jekyll's sublimation of his wantonness, and the hypocrisy of his unrestrained involvement in it. He loses control of his better self to the overpowering evil of his baser sider"
Script: The Trial of Dr. Jekyll: An Adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A Play in Two Acts". San Bernardino, CA: Borgo Press, 1993

1994 Jekyll! the musical (Alex Went, John Moore and Peter Fanning)
Type: musical (for schools)
Author: Alex Went and John Moore
First performance: Ashton Theatre, Shrewsbury School, shresbury, 1994, and 1995 Edinburgh Fringe (awarded a Fringe First for outstanding new drama)
Director: Peter Fanning
Other performances: Edinburgh Festival, 1998

1994 Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde (David DeBoy)
Type: stage play (gender-bender comedy)
Author: David DeBoy
First performance: Barter Theatre, Abingdon, Virginia, 1994; also 23 June 1995
Director: Richard Rose
Cast: James Horan (J)

1995 I figli del Dr Jekyll (Roberto Alighieri and Massimo Martelli)
Type: stage play (screwball comedy)
Author: Roberto Alighieri and Massimo Martelli
First performance: Sosia Productions, Italy, 1995-96 season
Director: Massimo Martelli
Cast: Stefano Nosei and "i Gemelli Ruggeri" (Eraldo Turra e Luciano Manzalini )
Plot: the three sons of J/H and Elvira hear a recorded testament of their father in the office of Sandy Utterson (Utterson's daughter), asking them to complete his experiments; a mad series of transformations follows (using potion and/or hair lotion) into heavy metal rock musicians, Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Barry White, Yogi Bear

1995 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Brendon Burns)
Type: stage play
Author: Brendon Burns
First performance: Indefinite Article Company, regional tour, 1995
Plot: interweaves the story with events from Stevenson's life

1992 The Travelling Jekyll & Hyde Show (Russell Davis)
Type: stage play (comedy for children)
Author: Russell Davis
First performance: Repertory Theater of St. Louis, 20 Jan 20-11 April 1992
Other performances: Honolulu Theater for Youth, directed by Mark Lutwak, 1999; at the Providence Theater, Oct 2003, dir. M. Saville; at the Puffin Cultural Forum in Teanec, NJ, Nov 2003
Script: A Book of Traveling Shows : Two short plays for a general audience (Bakers Plays, 1995) contains Cinderella and The Travelling Jekyll & Hyde Show
Plot:deconstructs the themes of RLS's horror novel using verbal wit, slapstick and clowning: a tiny touring theatre company attempts to tell the story but are sabotaged at every step by a domineering director. The three women in the company slowly take control of the story as they learn to take control of their lives. The actresses wear moustaches and oversized costumes to play men's roles.

1995 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. (David Levy, Leslie Eberhard, Phil Hall)
Type: musical
Author: David Levy and Leslie Eberhard (book and lyrics), Phil Hall (music)
First performance: Miami Valley Dinner Theatre, Springboro, Ohio, 12 Aug - 5 Nov 1995
Director: Philip Mckinley
Other performances: North Shore Music Theatre, Beverly, Massachusetts, 5-24 Aug 1996; at Starlight Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri, 21-27 July 1997; at Paper Mill Playhouse, NJ, 4 Nov 4 - 13 Dec 1998; at Granada Theater, Sanata Barbara, by the Santa Barbara Civic Light Opera, Oct 2000
Plot: J and H are played by different actors; youthful Hyde ("brazen, strutting Adonis"); female characters (J's fiancée Amanda Lanyon and the music-hall dancer Lily Cummins)
["willingness to explore unconventional libido (sadism, masochism, even a kind of narcissistic homoeroticism)"; less excessive than the Wildhorn musical; for more information and the quotations in this entry, see the official site]

1996 Lo strano caso del dottor Jekyll e del signor Hyde (Amodio
Type: ballet
Author: Amodio (choreography)
First performance: ATER Balletto(or: Aterballetto), Teatro Municipale Valli, Reggio Emilia, Italy, 9-11 Feb 1996
Other listings: C 140
[the idea of JH as a story for a ballet seems to have appealed to choreographers as there are five other ballet versions 2001-2]

1996 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Graham Devlin, Felix Cross)
Type: musical (contemporary, chamber)
Author: Graham Devlin (book), Felix Cross (music and lyrics)
First performance: Major Road Theatre Company, 1996 (touring)
Director: Graham Devlin and Felix Cross
Cast: Nicola Burnett Smith (Sarah Carew), Philip Curtis, Dan Fineman, Sara Hillier, Martin Johnstone, Debra Michaels,
Other performances: Music Theatre Group Amsterdam, April 2004, dir. Philip Curtis with Paul Donkers (Jekyll/ Hyde) and Marleen van der Loo (Dr. Sarah Carew)
Plot: Sarah Carew, an American doctor and scientist visiting Victorian London, becomes alternately beguiled by both Jekyll and Hyde and ends by solving the mystery of their dual identity

1996 Doctor Jekyll - Please Don't Hyde (Tim Kelly, David Reiser)
Type: comedy musical (spoof; for schools)
Author: Tim Kelly (book) and David Reiser (music and lyrics)
First performance: Loonfoot Falls Community Theater, Minnesota, 2004 (first identified performance)
Other performances: Van Vleck High School, Matagorda, TX, Dec 2007
Script: Droitwich, UK: Hanbury Plays and Englewood, CO: Pioneer Drama Service
Plot: separate actors for the title roles; additional characters include "Lady Bugg and her icky daughter Alice; Mrs. Gush, whose little boy swallowed some coins and there's been no change; and Mildred Kidneystone, who mistakes a hat rack for the doctor"
[See possibly related item: 1984 Under Jekyll's Hyde]

1996 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - A Love Story (James W. Nichol)
Type: stage play
Author: James W. Nichol
First performance: Canadian Stage Company, Toronto 12 Feb - 16 March 1996, then touring
Cast: Les Carlson (J), David Storc (H)
Plot: H is young, handsome and foppish but also naive (J instructs him); starts with drawing-room debate about science (in the film tradition); central to Jekyll's transformation is his relationship with his teenage daughter, Melissa, for whom he has a disturbingly intimate affection

1996 Jekyll. Musical thriller (Tony Rees, Gary Young)
Type: musical
Author: Tony Rees (book, lyrics, music), Gary Young (book, lyrics)
First performance: Churchill Theatre, Bromley, UK, 21 March-13 April 1996, then toured
Director: Stephen Rayne
Cast: Dave Willetts (J/H)

1997 The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde (Stan Barber, Joe Edkin)
Type: stage play
Author: Stan Barber, Joe Edkin
First performance: Pax Amicus Castle Theatre, Budd Lake, NJ, 1997
Director: Stan Barber (also producer)
Cast: Joe Edkin (Utterson)
Other performances: On Broadway Theater, Coos Bay, Oregon, 2002; Sight and Sound Theate, Louisville, KY, 2007; at Elmira Little Theatre, Elmira, NY, May 2007
Plot: Edkin took Barber's character concepts and basic outline and developed them into a linear play. Advancing the story fifteen years to 1899, this version (note spelling 'Jeckyl' apparently for copyright reasons, though the 2007 production was publicized as "Jekyll") is a rumination on personal responsibility, cognitive disassociative disorder, and substance addiction; female characters include Jeckyl's fiance Sarah Lanyon. More information and three script extracts on Edkin's webpage
[backstage commentary on YouTube; more information at the Elmira Little Theatre webpage]

1997 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Robert Forrest)
Type: radio dramatization and audio book
Author: Robert Forrest
First performance: radio broadcast untraced; date here is of the publication of the audio book
Director: Patrick Rayner
Cast: Alexander Morton (J/H), Tom Fleming (tempter/inner-devil Legion)
Recording: London: BBC Radio/Mr Punch Audio Books
Plot: set in Scotland with Scots-speaking characters, including Hyde, and with more genteel Edinburgh accents and Standard Scottish English for the professional men. Robert Forrest's interesting free adaptation weaves in phrases from other Stevenson works, such as Pulvis et Umbra, A Chapter on Dreams and Edinburgh Picturesque Notes, and there are passages on the divisions of Scotland and of Edinburgh. The inner voice (excellently acted by Tom Fleming) is a useful device for including parts of Jekyll's statement and also parts of the narrator's comments in ch. 1-8. The focus on hands in the original is elaborated in Hyde's interlacing his hands with the contrasting hands of his victims (a policeman, Lanyon, Enfield) before killing them
[Jekyll is pronounced jee-kill]

1997 L'étrange cas du Dr Jekyll et de Mr Hyde (Fréderic Fort)
Type: stage play (experimental, farce)
Author: Fréderic Fort
Director: Mario Gonzalez
First performance: by the Compagnie Annibale et ses Eléphants, Avignon Festival, 1999
Other performances: Malmo, Sweden, Sept 2001, dir. Mario Gonzalez with Swedish actors; by Comédie de Picardie, April 2005; and other performances in France; at Theatre Wit, W. Belmont, Chicago, Dec 2008 by the Bricklayers Theater Company in collaboration with Collectif Masque
Plot: emphasizes the lunacies of repressed society, centred on the investigation by Mr Utterson. The five actors wear masks and the production is influenced by the Commedia dell'arte tradition

1997 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde as told to Carl Jung by an Inmate of Broadmoor Asylum (also titled: Prime Evil) (Mark Ryan)
Type: stage play
Author: Mark Ryan
First performance: Equinox Theatre, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 14 Aug 1997
Cast: James Westaway (H), Dyfrig Morris (Jung)
Other Performances: Empty Space Theatre Company, Cockpit Theatrem London, 19-20 Feb 1997; Equinox Theatre, Clwyd Theatr Cymru, Mold (UK), 3-4 March 1998; White Bear Theatre, Kennington, London, 12 Nov-4 Dec 2005; dir. Blanche McIntyre, with Ali Amadi and Ashley Gunstock (alternating the two parts); Knighthorses Theatre Company, San Francisco, 16 Sept-6 Oct 2005, dir. Mei Ann Teo, with Thorvald Aagaard and Tyrus Lemerande; re-titled "Prime Evil", Redbridge Drama Centre (Redbridge, Essex), 4-6 March 2009, dir. Aaron Ganttzack, with Ashley Gunstock (H) and Eddie Macnamee (Jung); Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 12 May 2009, dir. Simon West, with Dean Rehman (H) and Christopher Morgan (Jung), followed by a short tour in Wales; Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 20-23 Jan 2010, dir. Michael Kelligan, with Dean Rehman and Nathan Sussex
Plot: Hyde has been committed to Broadmoor (institute for the criminally insane); Dr Jung performs hypnosis and word association on his patient but gradually the tables are turned and doctor becomes patient as Mr Hyde sets about questioning his keeper's authority. Dialogue abbout "the shadow", the unacceptable and denied part of ourselves that remains clouded from our conscious awareness. At one point there seems cause to respect the Hyde because of his primitive, straight-forward honesty, contrasting with Victorian hypocrisy
["The two players ably capture the power-shifts in a very physical piece of theatre" (Paul Fitzpatrick, UK Theatre Network); "a most challenging, dense and glorious text... stunning immediacy and complexity" (John Martin, The Scotsman); opposite view from The Stage; Ryan is a former punk-band guitarist turned playwright]

1998 Jekyll and Hyde (Neil Chadwick, Neil Sissons)
Type: stage play
Author: Neil Chadwick, Neil Sissons
First performance: Compass Theatre Company, South Hill Park Arts centre, Bracknell, UK, 16-19 Sept 1998, then Crucible Theatre, Sheffield 13-17 Oct 1998 (M 61)

1998 Clay Continent (Bob Fisher)
Type: stage play (experimental)
Author: Bob Fisher
First performance: Charas/El Bohio Cultural and Community Center, New York, Sept 20, 1998;
Director: Bon Fisher
Cast: David Gilsheridan (Utterson), Brian Reilly (J), Michael Martin (H)
Other performances: workshop performance at the Space, Chicago, 3 Aug 2000, dir. Bon Fisher with Derek Smart (Utterson), Ron Kroll (J), Frank Platis (H); by Mammals Theatre Company at The Space, Chicago, Jan-March 2001, dir. Bob Fisher with Alex Honzen (Utterson), Derek Smart (J), Ron Kroll (H); at The Space, Chicago, 2002, with Honzen, Kroll and Smart; The Space, Chicago, April 2008, with Jen Ellison (J)
Plot: three actors: Utterson, Jekyll and Hyde; headset mikes and ever-present sound landscape; builds up to excess in the Grand Guignol tradition. Inspired by the grotesque portraiture of Francis Bacon and Stevenson's novel; "an aural pageant of diabolical villainy constructed with various excerpts from the stories of Robert Louis Stevenson, Dostoyevsky, and Edgar Allen Poe. Recounting the story of one doctors desperate attempt to overcome his own evil through the use of science as he conceals the tragic results of his continual failure, Clay Continent creates a compelling soundscape in which the multiple personalities inhabiting the doctors body vie for dominance over their collective flesh. Throughout the performance, the actors representing Jekyll and Hyde often speak their lines simultaneously. In performance, simultaneity can capture the essence of chaos and, when employed artfully, embody the tension of sensory overload/schizophrenia" The Mammals website

1998 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Simon Adorian)
Type: stage play (for schools)
Author: Simon Adorian
First performance: St. Osmonds Middle School, Dorchester, July 1998
Script: London: Collins Educational, 1999
Plot: "school dramatization (for boys) in the form of a TV documentary involving key witnesses trying to get to the bottom of a strange case. The story is reconstructed and the audience is taken back to Victorian London. Resources following the playscript contain activities for drama including role-play, reading, writing, and speaking and listening. These are accompanied by extension material, including extracts from modern and contemporary works for comparison, and documentary material." The script follows Stevenson's story-line quite closely and uses many of the same words; there is no fiancée and the only extra characters (outside the framing TV documentary) are a chorus; Jekyll and Hyde are played by different actors

[1999 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Thomas Calcutt. London: Nelson (Dramascripts). Dramatization for secondary schools. Extra characters include Kinch, a private detective, Young Jekyll and his Nurse (who tells him stories of damnation and the devil like Cummie), Mary, a prostitute, and a chorus of the damned of the city. The trampling is of an importunate link-boy, knocked down and hit with a stick; Enfield and Carew meet with Mary for suggested excesses, Hyde is another client who then blackmails Carew (like Lemsome in Stevenson's early draft); no performances traced]

1999 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Noah Smith)
Type: stage play
Author: Noah Smith
First performance: Mt. Holyoke College summer theatre, South Hadley, MA, 1999
Other performances: Old World Wisconsin, near Eagle, WI, 15-16 Oct 2010
Script: New York: Playscripts Inc., 2003.
Plot: "Jekyll is a brilliant scientist frustrated by dull respectable life in 1888 Victorian London. He creates a formula to unleash his inner bestial nature, transforming him into the brutish but oddly compassionate Edward Hyde. Hyde lives the high life while Jekyll's middle-aged normalcy continues -- until Hydes passions begin to turn up a body count. This intimate, easy-to-stage version of Robert Louis Stevensons science fiction classic features two haunting chorus characters, who speed along the action, play many supporting roles, and speak to Jekyll as the voices in his head, spurring him toward triumph and tragedy", Playscripts

1999 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. The Ballet (Roger Van Fleteren, Thomas Helms)
Type: ballet
Author: Roger Van Fleteren (choreography), Thomas Helms (music) (Wes Chapman is sometimes also credited for the choreography along with RVF)
First performance: Alabama Ballet, Birmingham, Albama, 22 Oct 1999
Cast: Roger Van Fleteren and Wes Chapman (Jekyll, Hyde but it might have been the other way around)
Other performances: Alabama Ballet, Birmingham, Albama, 30 Oct - 2 Nov 2008 with Matthew Prescott (J) and Benjamin Linn (H); Nov 2013 with Michael Fothergill (J) and Noah Hart (H)
Plot: Jekyll and Hyde are interpreted by separate dancers. Helms borrows successfully from several sources, which include popular Latin American idioms like the beguine and the tango, elegant Strauss waltzes and, in the introduction, Gustav Mahler (Michael Huebner)


2001 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Thomas and Redmond)
Type: stage play
Author: Eberle Thomas, Barbara Redmond
First performance: St. Louis Community College, 2001; not clear if this was the first performance as the script was published in 1991 and it is also found as originally commissioned by the Asolo Touring Company (Sarasota, FL)
Other performances: as a one-hour piece for Texas Nonprofit Theatres bi-annual competition by Upstage Theatre (of Houston, Texas) with Sam M. Smith (J/H) at Creek Country Theatre, Nassau Bay (TX), Feb 8 2004. First performance full-length version by Upstage Theatre, at Lambert Hall, Houston, dir. Arnold Richie with Randy Wayne Creager (J) and Melissa Mumper (Rachel Lanyon), 15-30 June 2007
Script: Hollywood: Baker's Plays, 1991 Plot: the story (in flashbacks from the coroner's inquest) is ingeniously told from the perspective of Newcomen, the inspector from Scotland Yard who is assigned to this case

2001 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Vladimir Logunov)
Type: ballet
Author: Vladimir Logunov (choreography)
First performance: 27 Dec 2001, National Theatre, Belgrade
[12 scenes, with music by Elgar and drumming by percussionist Dragoljub]

2001 Jekyll and Hyde (Massimo Moricone, Philip Wilby)
Type: ballet
Author: Massimo Moricone (choreography), Philip Wilby (music)
First performance: Northern Ballet Theatre (NBT), West Park Centre, Leeds, 19-24 Feb 2001; then at Sadler's Wells, London March 2001
Director: Massimo Moricone
Plot: begins with a prologue about Stevenson's nightmare and the writing of the text; does not show the transformation (M 42); "set in a glamorous 1930's Metropolis-inspired world in stark contrast to the strangeness of the scenes with Mr. Hyde"
[the 1930s design (by Alessandro Ciammarughi) was chosen because of the associations of the story with the 1931and 1941 films]

2001 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Mike Kenny)
Type: stage play with film
Author: Mike Kenny
Director: Tim Wheeler, Jonathan Bentley (film)
First performance: Mind the Gap company, Grand Theatre, Leeds, 19-24 Feb 2001; then touring England Feb-April 2001
Cast: with Jonathan Oliver (J), Daniel de Andrade (H), Charlotte Talbot (Lucille)
[Plot: The last hours of Dr Jekyll form the structure of the play with moments of recollection coming from each of three main characters. "Combines original video footage with live performance
The MtG company uses trained, professional actors who have learning disabilities who throughout history have been portrayed as either angels or devils - admired as loveable innocents or feared as dangerous and sub-human. " The distinction between Jekyll and Hyde is not so clear cut as normal. Irony, humour provide combine with the terrifying story. New ending. (Kevin Berry Times Educational Supplement 13/02/2001)]

2001 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Mark Redfield, Stuart Voytilla)
Type: stage play
Author: Mark, Redfield, Stuart Voytilla
First performance: New Century Theater, Baltimore, 2001
[a film version directed by Redfield was made in 2002]

2002 Hyde and Jekyll (Catherine Guerin, Liz King)
Type: ballet
Author: Catherine Guerin, Liz King (choreography); music by Chopin and other classical composers remixed by dj Stefan Strob
First performance: Volksoper, Vienna, 8 June 2002
Plot: divided into two parts: the first (by Liz King) concerns Hyde, the second (by Catherine Guerin) Jekyll, with a common epilogue
[The two parts were choreographed separately, one choreographer not knowing what the other was doing]

2002 Jekyll and Hyde (Radenko Pavlovich)
Author: Radenko Pavlovich (choreography)
First performance: by Columbia Classical Ballet at the Kroger Center, Columbia, SC, 2002; revived 20 Oct 2006
Cast: Mikhail Ronnikoc (J/H)
[Probably created by the Artistic Director and founder of CCB, Radenko Pavlovich. Judged an explosive ballet and the best show of the season by Edward Smith (who mistakenly ascribes it to George Balanchine) in The State (South Carolina), and a show that "enraptured the crowd with lyrical movement and wonderful dramatic performances"]

2002 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Ballet (Ralf Rossa)
Type: ballet
Author: Ralf Rossa (choreography)
First performance: Opernhaus, Halle, Germany, July 2002
Plot: The first half is set in the nineteenth century accompanied by film music; the second half is set in the present day with rock musicby Pixelpack von Trotha

2003 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Pauline Flannery)
Type: stage play
Author: Pauline Flannery
Director: Pauline Flannery
First performance: by the Ironduke Company at Greyfriars Kirk House during the Edinburgh Festival 2003
Cast: Nazim Osmanoglu (H), Conal McLean (J), Charlotte Cheetham (Lanyon), Mark Cooper-Jones (Utterson)
Other performances: at the Coterie Theatre, Kansas City, Oct 2004; by Talent Co. at the Gifford family Theatre, Syracuse, NY, 13-28 Jan 2006
Plot: begins with the story of the door and includes the murder of Sir Danvers Carew; bare stage and a cage-like frame on wheels used (with sound and lighting) to signify changes of location and scene and also as a device to help visualise the mindset that Jekyll/Hyde finds himself in at that moment
[A piece for four actors; Jekyll pronounced jeek-ill]

2004 Jekyll and Hyde (Alasdair McCrone, Robert Paterson)
Type: stage play
Author: Alasdair McCrone, Robert Paterson
Director: Alasdair McCrone
First performance: Cumbernauld Theatre, Scotland, 16 Sept 2004, then touring Scotland until 27 Nov (a Scottish Touring Theatres Consortium and Mull Theatre Co-Production)
Plot: setting is not specific but suggests Edinburgh Old and New Towns; the parts of Jekyll and Hyde are taken by two actors, while two female roles (Jekyll's maid and a music-hall singer) are taken by the same actress
[designed by Alicia Hendrick; original music by Martin Low]

2004 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Les Feux de l'Harmattan)
First performance: Les Feux de l'Harmattan, Palais des Arts et du Festival, Dinard (France), 23-4 July and 7, 12, 14, 19-21 Aug 2004
[Not clear if this is a new production or not; might be a ballet as the company does both theatre and dance]

2005 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Louis Butelli)
Type: stage play
Author: Louis Butelli
First performance: Aquila Theatre Company, touring US, Fall 2005 through Spring 2006
Director: Brian Parsons
Cast: Richard Willis (J/H, Richard Mansfield)
Plot: Starts with the trampling scene and includes original music and dance. We see Richard Mansfield producing JH in London as the Jack-the-Ripper scare starts so that JH becomes a play-within-a-play; off-stage and on-stage worlds start to collide and ultimately merge

2005 Sawbones: The Cabinet of Dr. Jekyll (Amy Lewis and Lauren Wilson)
Type: stage play
Author: Amy Lewis and Lauren Wilson
First performance: Workhorse Theatre Company, at The Carriage House Stage, Providence, RI, USA, 10-13 Nov 2005
Director: Stephen Buescher
Plot: presented as Jekyll's internal battle, and the return of the repressed
[A physical theatre piece focusing on the actors body, mixing text, movement and soundscapes. Wilson wrote another version of JH ("Chemical Imbalance") in 2006]

2005 Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - Make Mine a Double (Thos Ribbits)
Type: stage play (panto-musical)
Author: Thos Ribbits
First performance: Woodhouse Players Leytonstone, GB, at the Broadway Theatre, Barking, 26-9 Oct 2005
Director: Tim Saward
Other performances: by MT Puur Sap (amateur company), Rabotheater Hengelo, NL, 19 Oct 2008
Plot: set in a Victorian hospital run by Dr Jekyll; comedy and panto routines around elements of the JH story
["Gothic pantomime"; uses fully digital backdrop and fast moving digital graphics; script]

2006 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Patrick Prior)
Type: stage play
Author: Patrick Prior
First performance: Isosceles Theatre Company in association with Useful Idiots, Yvonne Arnaud Mill Studio, Guildford, 29 Sept 2006
Director: Jim Dunk
Cast: Pat Abernethy (J/H), Dave Marsden (everyone else)
Other performances: Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, 19-21 March 2007; at Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, 15-19 May 2007; by Isosceles Theatre Company, Grand Opera House, Belfast, 15-16 Oct 2007

2006 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Lew Tatham and John McDonald)
Type: stage play
Author: Lew Tatham and John McDonald
First performance: Roxy Regional Theatre, Clarksville, Tennessee, 13-28 Oct, 2006
Cast: Thomas Meany (J/H)
Plot: Dr. Jekyll's final letter is introduced into the story; the audience gradually understands what made Dr. Jekyll into the evil Hyde

2006 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Cathleen Wiggs)
Type: stage play
Author: Cathleen Wiggs
First performance: Opera House, Waverly, NY, Oct 2006
Director: Michael Arcesi
Cast: Eric VanDuzer (J) and Justin Lantz (H)
Plot: goes back to the original novella, ignoring the film tradition, and giving lead roles to two actors
[Wiggs and other members of the company are students at Waverly drama school (Arcesi is a drama instructor)]

2006 Chemical Imbalance (also Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A Strange Comedy) (Lauren Wilson)
Type: stage play (dark comedy/farce)
Author: Lauren Wilson
First performance: Jon Sims Center for the Arts, San Francisco (a gay arts centre), 26 March - 27 May 2006; then (with same production and cast) at Exit Theatre, San Francisco, 2-10 June 2006, reprised March-April 2007
Director: Matthew Graham Smith
Cast: Gabriel Diamond (J/H), Elizabeth Bullard (Calliope/ Penelope)
Other performances: retitlted "Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A Strange Comedy": Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble at the Alvina Krause Theatre, Bloomsburg, PA, 19 April 19 - 13 May 2007, dir. Seth Reichgott, with James Goode (J/H); by Theatre Unbound, Minneapolis, 31 Oct - 15 Nov 2009, dir. Kim Hines, with Edward Linder (J/H); by Caldwell Theatre Company at the Count de Hoernle Theatre, Boca Raton, Florida, 3 Jan - 7 Feb 2010, dir. Clive Cholerton, with Tom Wahl (J/H); at University of Alaska Anchorage, Mainstage Theatre, 8-24 Oct 2010, dir. Tom Skore
Plot: dark drawing-room comedy, parody, horror-farce, slapstick comedy; cast includes the identical 10-year-old Throckmortonshire sisters: Calliope (angelic) and Penelope (demonic). The latter's blood provides the key ingredient for Jekyll's experiments. Lady Throckmortonshire and Jekyll's mother are played by male actors
[Wilson wrote another versions of JH in 2005 (in collaboration with Amy Lewis), "Sawbones"]

2006 Sleep in Chains - Jekyll's Nightmare (Jules Tasca)
Type: stage play
Author: Jules Tasca
First performance: St. John's Hall in St. Charles, Saint Louis, MI, Oct 2006 (first performance identified so far)
Cast: George Haynes, Jr. (J), Todd Micali (H)
Plot: Hyde dominates the show; all the characters have hidden personalities; Carew has two daughters, one obedient, the other rebellious; maid and butler acts as J's conscience
Script: Boston: Baker's Plays, (no date found)
[Google Books has the same title attributed to Natasha L. Cederberg]

2007 The Cabinet of Doctor Jekyll (Andrew McKinnon)
Type: stage play
Author: Andrew McKinnon
First performance: Wayward Scot company, Britannia Panopticon, Glasgow 11-12 May 2007; then at Broughton House, Kirkcudbright 15-16 May; Holmwood House, Cathcart, Glasgow 18-19 May
Cast: Vincent Friell and Martin Docherty
["Andrew McKinnons cut-up of Stevenson's collected works for his Wayward Scot company mixes fiction, poetry and biography to create a portrait of the artist holding up a huge mirror to his own life through the written word. The Herald 14 May 2007]

2007 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Shane Mitchell)
Type: stage play
Author: Shane Mitchell
First performance: TBA Theatre, Grant Hall, Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage (Alaska) 26-28 and 31 Oct 2007
Director: Erin Dagon Mitchell
Cast: Wayne Mitchell (J) and Shane Mitchell (H)
Plot: presented as horror classic: fog, streets of London, screams of Hyde's (eight) victims
[The actors Wayne and Shane Mitchell are twins]

2007 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Doug Van Liew and Rachel Carter)
Type: stage play
Author: Doug Van Liew and Rachel Carter
First performance: Oklahoma City Theatre Company, Civic Center Music Hall, Oklahoma City, 27 Oct and 2-4 Nov 2007
Cast: Joshua Irick (J/H)
Plot: as in the recent tradition, Hyde is no longer the Hollywood ape-man but suave and debonair, insidiously evil rather than horrifically repugnant
[Reviewed negatively by Larry Laneer in ("numbingly static")]

2007 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Yvonne Antrobus)
Type: radio dramatization
Author: Yvonne Antrobus
First performance: in the Saturday Play series, BBC Radio 4, 3 Feb 2007
Director: Claire Grove
Cast: Adam Godley (J/H), David Horovitch (Utterson), Mark Straker (Enflield)
Plot: "refreshingly different take on familiar material [...] the production introduced a colonialist element. Jekyll was not only trying to push the scientific boundaries; he also tried to experience how the other half lived. The 'other half' in this context was the life of the colonized other - that race of people categorized as savages, whose religion and culture remained impenetrable to most colonizers. Jekyll wanted to understand how they felt by transforming himself into Mr. Hyde, sacrificing 'civilization' for spontaneity ", Radio Drama Reviews
[60 mins]

2007 Jekyll's Hydes: A Totally Teen Comedy (Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus)
Type: stage play (youth theatre spoof comedy)
Author: Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus
First performance: Frank Conmy Center, Dunedin, Florida, summer 2007
Other performances: New Athens High School, Nov 2009
Plot: Henry Jekyll is a high school senior who desperately wants to win the science scholarship; to keep himself awake he mixes a potion that lets loose the personalities (played by different actors) he has hidden inside: the slick and cool guy Dino, true Scotswoman Bonny, blind, mutated and sensitive Oleander and Fido (a dog). These complicate his life but in the end teach him about what really matters, who he loves and who he is
[Kobler and Marcus run the Showdown Stage Company (Valencia, CA)]

2008 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Jeffrey Hatcher)
Type: stage play
Author: Jeffrey Hatcher
First performance: Arizona Theatre Company (Tucson, Arizona), 12 Jan - 22 Feb 2008; also San José Repertory, 10 May -8 June, 2008
Director: David Ira Goldstein
Cast: R. Hamilton Wright (J), Ken Ruta - Stephen DAmbrose - Mark Anderson Phillips - Carrie Paff (the four Hydes), Anna Bullard (Elizabeth Jelkes)
Other performances: Northlight Theatre, Chicago, 17 Sept. 17 Oct 26, 2008. dir. Jessica Thebus, with Nick Sandys (J); by Centre Theatre and Iron Age Theatre at the Centre Theater, Norristown, Philadelphia, 30 Oct-23 Nov 2008, dir. John Doyle and Randall Wise, with Matthew J. McDonough (J); at Park Square Theater, St. Paul, Minnesota, 23 Jan-8 Feb, 2009, dir. David Mann, with Steve Hendrickson (J), Alan Sorenson, Peter Christian Hansen, Jean Salo and Stephen D’Ambrose (the four Hydes); by ACT (A Contemporary Theater), Seattle, 10 April-10 May, 2009, dir. R. Hamilton Wright, with Bradford Farwell (J), and Deborah Failkow, David Anthony Lewis, David Pichette and Brandon Whitehead (as the four Hydes); at City Theatre, Pittsburgh, 26 Oct - 8 Nov, 2009,. dir. Tracy Brigden, with David Whalen (J) and Kelly Boulware (one of the Hydes); by Theatre 40, Los Angeles, 21 Oct - 8 Nov, 2009, dir. Jeff G. Rack, with Darren Tyler Morgan (J) and Scott Roberts (main Hyde actor); by the Isadoora Theatre Company, Third Avenue Playhouse, 239 N. Third Ave., Sturgeon Bay, 28 Oct -7 Nov, 2010, dir. Henry Timm, with Stuart Champeau (J); by Bristol Riverside Theatre, Bristol, Pennsylvania, Oct 2010, dir. Keith Baker, with Michael Sharon (J); and many other productions Plot: Jekyll is not saintly and Hyde, not evil, is played by four actors: an older, imperious Hyde, a female, sensual Hyde, an angry, tortured Hyde. Hatcher uses the story to question Freudian theory: the neat division between conscious and subconscious doesn't capture messy reality.

2008 Model Behavior (Tina Kronis and Richard Alger)
Type: ballet
Author: Tina Kronis (choreography) and Richard Alger (script)
First performance: Theatre Movement Bazaar at 24th St. Theatre, Los Angeles, 28 June 2008 (and again Feb 2009); then Disney/Calarts Theater, Los Angeles, 17-19 July 2008
Director: Tina Kronis
Cast: Jacob Sidney (Jekyll/ Hyde)
[Director-choreographer Tina Kronis arranges her performers in shifting symmetrical formations to underscore the storys theme of duality. The acclaimed team of Tina Kronis and Richard Alger shred the story of Jekyll and Hyde into a collage of movement, theater and song that careens through cultural obsessions with mesmerism, CSI, the modeling industry, and more. Drawing on varied source materials, the ensemble creates a truly hybrid performance that morphs theatrical expression into dance athleticism to tell the tale of a group of men who encounter a brutal murder--and their own dual nature. From tragic to bawdy to the outlandishly absurd with nary a visual or aural flaw. L.A. Weekly ]

2008 Jekyll and Hyde: A Specimen (Donald Smith)
Type: performance/recitation
Author: Donald Smith
First performance: Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh, 1 March 2008
["Irreverent 45-minute dramatization"]


2011 Jekyll And Hyde (Nightshade Productions)
Type: outdoor promenade drama
Author: Damian Freddi
Director: David Phillipps and Ben Rosenfield
Cast: Richard Bevan (J/H), Ben Rowley (Utterson)
First performance: 31 October 2011, York; then Golden Fleece Inn, York, 10-28 July 2013

2012 Robert Louis Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Gareth Tilley)
Type: radio dramatization (Colonial Radio Theatre on the Air)
Author: Gareth Tilley
Cast: Jerry Robbins, J.T. Turner
[also on CDs as an audio book published by Brilliance Audio]

2012 The Strange Case of Dr Hyde (Chris Dolan)
Type:radio dramatization (BBC Radio Scotland)
Author:Chris Dolan
Cast:Jimmy Chisholm (Dr Hyde), David Rintoul (Inspector Newman)
[4-part serial set in present-day Edinburgh. ʻPolice enlist the help of the eccentric pathologist, Dr Hyde, when a violent murder on the city's streets leaves them with a macabre mystery.ʼ]

2012 Jekyll and Hyde (Nathan Weinberger and Paata Tsikurishvili)
Type:wordless ʻphysical theaterʼ performance (movement, dance, music)
Author:Nathan Weinberger and Paata Tsikurishvili (Synetic Theater)
Music:Konstantine Lortkipanidze
Director:Paata Tsikurishvili
First performance:20 Sept-21 Oct 2012, Synetic Theater, Arlington, VA
Cast:Alex Mills (J/H)
[steampunk setting; disturbing exploration of violence; attractive, sexually-innocent Jekyll; addition of the Ripper story; Millsʼ performance highly praised.]

2012 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Nick Lane)
Type: stage play
Author: Nick Lane
Producer/Director:Nick Lane
First performance: 12 Sept - 30 Nov 2012, touring UK (Hull Truck Theatre Company)
Cast:J ames Weaver (J/H), John Gully (Utterson, Lanyon), Joanna Miller (Eleanor)
[three-hander; idealistic Jekyll forced by professional ostracism to experiment on himself; gothic twist at the end; ʻintriguing and thought-provoking pieceʼ, Independent]]

2013 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Rhum and Clay)
Type: stage play (three-hander)
Author: Rhum and Clay Theatre Company and Beth Flintoff
First performance: Watermill Theatre, Bagnor, 21 May-1 June, and UK tour
Director: Beth Flintoff
Cast: Julian Spooner (J/H), Christopher Harrisson (Lanyon), Matthew Wells (Utterson)
Notes: physical-theatre, theatre of the absurd and vaudeville. The actors in Rhum and Clay all attended l'École Internationale de Theatre Jacques Lecoq, a physical theatre based drama school in Paris.

2013 Jekyll & Hyde (Devlin)
Type: stage play (one man show)
Author/Director: Caroline Devlin
Cast: Michael Palmer (J/H, Utterson, Lanyon)
First performance: Norrington Room, Blackwell’s Bookshop, Oxford, 8 June-6 July 2013

2013 Jekyll & Hyde (Holloway)
Type: stage play (black comedy/cabaret/gothic melodrama)
Author: Jonathan Holloway (script) and Laurence Osborne (music)
First performance: Flipping the Bird, in association with Red Shift Theatre Company , at the Courtyard Theatre, Pitfield Street, London, 26 June–22 July 2013; then at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 31 July–25 Aug 2013; and then at Southwark Playhouse, London, Sep-Oct 2013
Director: Jessica Edwards
Cast: Cristina Catalina (Jekyll), Michael Edwards (Utterson), Leo Marcus Wan (Enfield)
Plot: Frame story of book dealer who discovers and reads the manuscript of the story; Utterson and Enfield enter a door belonging to the eerie house of suspected-murderer Hyde; following up a connection with the mysterious Dr Jekyll, Utterson finds that Jekyll is a women and becomes her enslaved lover (his decline from authority and prudishness to wretchedness parallels that of Jekyll in the original text), involved in blackmail, murder and transformations (including that of Jekyll into a man). Combines live music, black comedy and grotesque cabaret; actors play in white face.

2013 Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde (Hyland)
Type: stage play (one man show)
Author: James Hyland
First performance: Harrogate Theatre Studio, 16-20 July 2013; then Leicester Square Theatre, London from 15 September 2013, and UK tour
Director: Phil Lowe
Cast: James Hyland (J/H)
Plot: Jekyll gives a lecture/demonstration with the theatre audience in the role of the Royal Society of Surgeons.
Notes: Hyland incorporates elements of Steve Berkoff’s ‘physical theatre’

2013 Hollywood and Hyde (Henning)
Type: stage play (dark comedy)
Author: Timothy Henning
First performance: November 2013, Mix Studio Theatre, Ypsilanti, MI
Cast: Larry Rusinsky (J), Cyd Heed (Gabby)
Plot:Jekyll is a bitter out-of-work Hollywood actor whose young  charge Gabby has begun to notice strange and violent happenings surrounding her friend. With the assistance of a motley gang of fellow Tinsel Town hangers-on, Gabby and Henry discover the strange truth behind the fiction of Jekyll and Hyde.

2013 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (Doyle and de Bri)
Type: stage play (for two actors)
Author: Finbarr Doyle and Jeda de Bri
First performance: Theatre Upstairs, Lanigan's Bar, Eden Quay, Dublin, October 2013
Director: Jeda de Bri
Cast: Paul Travers (J), Finbarr Doyle (H)

2014 The Man Inside (Rees and Young)
Type: musical
Book & lyrics: Tony Rees, Gary Young, Dave Willetts
Music: Tony Rees
First performance: 12-29 March 2014, Landor Theatre, Clapham, London
Director: Robert McWhir
Cast: Dave Willetts (J/H), Alexandra Fisher, Jessie Lilley
Notes: for two actors and an actress

2014 Jekyll n' Hyde: A Rap Musical (Taylor, Carr, Keyes, Hibbard)
Type: stage musical
Author: Lindsay Taylor and Mike Carr (Book), Jordan Keyes and Hans Hibbard (music and lyrics)
First performance: Orlando Fringe Festival, May 15—25, 2014
Director: Chelsea Hilend
Cast: Chris Dinger (J), Carl Krickmire (H), Max Hilend (Lanyon)
Notes: ‘Something's off / Something's wrong / Something I can't put my finger on…’

2014 Hyde & Seek (or, Robert Louis Stevenson and Me) (Daviot)
Type: monologue
Author: Michael Daviot
First performance: C nova, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Jul 30—Aug 25 2014
Director: Robert Williamson
Cast: Michael Daviot
Notes: part biography of Stevenson, part autobiography: steps along the path to self-acceptance, guided and inspired by the example of Robert Louis Stevenson. ‘Daviot is a spellbinding writer and magnetic performer, and an hour that is over before you realise it will linger in the mind afterwards’ (Gerald Berkowitz, The Stage, Edinburgh)

2014 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Noah Smith, 2014)
Type: stage play performed in deaf sign language
Author: Noah Smith
Director: Marlee Koenigsberg
First performance: June Havoc Theatre, New York City, 7 Nov. 2014
Cast: Robert DeMayo (J/H)
Notes: New York Deaf Theater production with dialogue in ASL simultaneously voiced by the actors or others.

2015 Jekyll & Hyde (Clifford)
Type:stage play for three actors
Author:Jo Clifford
First performance:Sell A Door Theatre company, Greenwich Theatre, 14 February 2015; then on UK tour
Director:David Hutchinson
Cast:Nathan Ives-Moiba (J/H), Lyle Barke (Utterson), Rowena Lennon (other parts)
Notes:relocates the action to steampunk future. Jekyll is a star medical researcher. Through his experimentation with various drugs, he produces the murderous and uncontrollable Hyde. Jekyll is homosexual but was part of the movement which ensured that homosexuality was re-criminalised. Modern language is combined with phrases from Stevenson’s text.

2015 Jekyll & Hyde (Pearson, 2015)
Type:stage play (educational)
Author:Morna Pearson
First performance:Lung Ha Theatre Company and Drake Music Scotland at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, 19 March 2015
Notes:Lung Ha is a theatre company of and for young people with learning disabilities; the story is set in Edinburgh New and Old Towns and includes Jekyll’s wife and daughter.

2015 The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (MacDougall and Seierup, 2015)
Type: aerial performance, music and dance
Author: Lucien MacDougall and Benedicte Seierup
First performance: 3 Nov 2015, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow

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