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books about Stevenson topography and revisiting places associated with Stevenson

1. Following Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes | 2. Following the Kidnapped trail | 3. Others

[Note: the following short list does not include all pamphlets and articles about single places]


1. Following Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes

1903 Hammerton, J.A. (1903). In the track of RLS and Elsewhere in Old France. New York: E. P. Dutton. [Also 1907: Bristol/London: J.W. Arrowsmith/ Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent. This book has not been seen so it is uncertain how far the author actually tried to follow the route]

1904 Hammerton, J.A. (1904). 'In the Track of "R.L.S." through the Cevennes'. Pall Mall Magazine 33, No. 134: 209-222

1909 Noel Rooke (illustrations) (1909). Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes. London: Chatto and Windus.
[12 coloured plates and 12 plain plates from drawings. ‘Illustrator’s Note’ (x-xi) shows that Rooke has followed in Stevenson’s footsteps and so is probably the second of such followers after J. A. Hammerton, In his 'Note' Rooke remarks on change or lack of it in Monastier and Saint Jean du Gard,]

1912 Noel Cooke (Introduction and Illustrations) (1912). An Inland Voyage. London: Chatto & Windus.
[12 pencil sketches and 12 full-colour paintings. In the Introduction Cooke describes revisiting the places mentioned in S’s text. Art and Introduction were reproduced in an edition published by D.N. Goodchild at The Press at Toad Hall (Bala Cynwyd, PA) (1990s?).]

1929 Skinner, Robert Taylor (1924). In the Cevennes without a Donkey. Edinburgh: T & A Constable (privately printed). [47 pp. with 30 plates/maps]

1949 Elizabeth Singer

1963 Betty Gladstone [from San Francisco; paid for a commemorative plaque to Stevenson at Le Monastier]

1964 Evans, Andrew (1964). ***. Edinburgh: "Libraries and Music Dept." [Cévennes, uncertain reference]

1964 Sumner, Cid Ricketts (1964). Saddle Your Dreams. New York, The Bobbs-Merrill Company. ["The author of 'Tammy' [popular novels with Tammy protagonist, made into films] recalls her trip through the Cevennes region of France, in the path once taken by Robert Louis Stevenson"]

1968 Pierre Macaigne. Le Figaro.

1978 Paterson, Carolyn Bennet. ***. National Geographic Magazine*** [Cévennes ; centenary year]

1978 ***.  Atlantic Monthly.

1978 R.L. Stevenson (ed. Gordon Golding, transl. Jacques Blondel, Commentaire Jacques Poujol, Avant-propos Philippe Joutard.) (1978). Journal de Route en Cévennes.  Toulouse: Edouart Privat (for the Club Cevenol). [the French translation has much local and historical detail not in the English edition; Jacques Poujol, in the Topoguide to the Route Stevenson says that it was this edition that inspired several organizations to try and reconstruct a Stevenson way for walkers.]

1978 Sur les traces de Stevenson, Marvejols : Imprimerie des 4. [First guide to the itinerary; English and French text]

1979 Chastaing, Pierre (1979). Avec Stevenson dans les Cévennes en 1878. Quelques souvenirs er réflexions cent ans après. Paris: La Pensée Universelle.

1985 Holmes, Richard (1985). Footsteps, adventures of a Romantic Biographer. London: Hodder & Stoughton. Repr. London: Flamingo/HarperCollins, 1995. [Chapter 1 ‘1964: Travels’ (1995: 13-69) is the account of a retracing of Stevenson’s Cévennes route made by Holmes in 1964, a mixture of biography, autobiography and travel book (like Nick Rankin’s Dead Man’s Chest  (1987), which omits the Cévennes journey, saying that too many have already done this, including ‘the critically-acclaimed’ Footsteps by Holmes). Holmes interestingly compares Stevenson’s Journal with Travels with a Donkey to reveal his process of self-editing in a constantly-interesting account which also displays critical intelligence.]

1986 Robin Neillands (Introduction) (1986). Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes. London: Chatto & Windus.

[Colour and b/w photographic and sketch illustrations show life in Cevennes at the end of the last century and today Robin Neillands retraced this 120 mile journey to inaugurate the ‘Robert Louis Stevenson’ trail.]

1992 Castle, Alan (1992). The Robert Louis Stevenson Trail. Milnthorpe (Cumbria, UK): Cicerone Press. [Describes a thirteen-day linear walk from le Puy to St Jean du Gard. An extensive introduction covers both the practicalities and the history of the route, which more or less follows the journey described in his first book Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes, published in 1875. Each days walking is described in a separate chapter, with a sketch maps of the route and a table giving distances and altitudes along that particular stage. Includes some colour and black and white photographs.]

1992 Dominique Lebrun (1992). ‘Les Cévennes dans les pas de Stevenson’. Grands Reportages (août 1992). Photos de Pratt-Pries/Diaf


1993 Patrick Bard (1993). ‘Mon voyage dans les Cévennes avec un âne’. Geo Action (mars 1993).

1994 foundation of the association of hoteliers, restauranteurs and local tourist operators ‘Sur le chemin de R.L. Stevenson’.

1994 Frédéric Chaleil (1994). ‘En route avec Stevenson à travers le pays bleu’. Ailleurs (septembre 1994).


1994 Thierry Perrin (1994). ‘Stevenson dans les Cévennes’. Voyager (juillet/août 1994).


1994? Mark Smith (19**). ‘Dans les Cévennes sur les pas de Stevenson’. Sélection (**).


1995 Nils Warolin (photographies) (1995).Voyage avec un âne dans les Cévennes. Rodez (F) : éditions du Rouergue. € 25. 9782841568390

Stevenson’s text accompanied by more than 200 colour photos taken in September. Practical information about following the trail in an appendix. Reprinted 1998, 2000 and 2002 and 2007.


1996 Michel Bonduelle (1996). ‘Le Mont Lozère, sur les traces de Stevenson’. Détour En France (janvier/février 1996).

1996 Crane, Nicholas (1996). Clear Waters Rising. A Mountain Walk Across Europe. London: Penguin. [The author walked from Cape Finisterre to Istanbul via the Stevenson trail in the Cévennes]

1996 Jean-Louis Lobier (1996). ‘Récit d’une rando sur les traces de Stevenson’. Balade en France 11 (septembre-octobre 1996).


1996? Jacques Poujol (199*). ‘Deux regards sur les Cévennes: Stevenson, ou le paysage intérieur’ Ici et Là 25


1997 Roger Lagrave (1997). Voyage avec un Anglais à travers les Cévennes ou Les mémoires de Modestine. Florac: Édition Gévaudan Cévennes. 32 pp., dessins de Nicole Minck.

1998 Jean-Marc Dugas (1998). ‘Sur les traces de Robert Louis Stevenson’. Massif Central 29 (septembre/octobre 1998).

1998 Drouaud , Brigitte (ed.) & Jean-Hubert Paillet (ill.) (1998). Voyage avec un âne à travers les Cévennes. Crest Domaine de Beauregard, 26400: J.H. Paillet. 63 p. ISBN 2-909565-08-4
[A selection of translated texts and colour illustrations by Jean-Huber Paillet (who has worked on ‘BD’ so this may be in comic-book style. Incidentally there has been a comic-book based on TWAD: Le Faou (2005). Voyage avec un âne dans les Cévennes. Ajaccio: Editions Alain Piazzola.).]


1998 Stéphane Miquel (1998). ‘Sur le chemin de Stevenson [GR70]’. La Marche Magazine44 (septembre 1998).

1999 White, Kenneth (1999). Le Chemin des crêtes.   Avec Robert Louis Stevenson à travers les Cévennes. Bez-et-Esparon: Etudes & Communication Editions. [reprinted 2005. 112 pp; watercolours by Paul Moscovino, photographs by Christian Lhuisset. A retracing more of Stevenson’s text in eleven unnumbered chapters: a recreation of Stevenson’s arrival in le Monastier; a summary of S’s life till then;  Stevenson in Le Monastier; Stevenson, travelling and writing; influence of Hazlitt and Thoreau; the importance of the donkey; a long chapter accompanied by watercolours summarizing and commenting on S’s journey; the camnisards and the Covenanters; S’s journay as a pilgimage; S’s ‘geopoetics’; Travels in the context of S’s works]

2000 Kershaw, Ray (2000). 'The Book that Inspired me: Travels with a Donkey by Robert Louis Stevenson'. The Independent [London] 4/8/2000

2000 Herman Van Hilst (2000). ‘À Travers les Cévennes, avec Stevenson’. GR Infos Sentiers 148 (automne 2000).

2001 Poindron, Eric (2001). Belles étoiles. Avec Stevenson dans les Cévennes. Paris: Flammarion. ["If you have the taste for wandering, getting away from it all, playing truant, then we can't recommend too highly Belles étoiles. The author has walked in the footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson and his Travels with a Donkey in the Cévennes. But the work is no simple travel journal and the narrator occasionally gives free rein to his imagination. He not only follows the footsteps of the author of The Master of Ballantrae but he also examines with discernment his whole career as writer, and this literary pilgrimage is also the opportunity to call to mind other authors […] A good companion indeed." (Jacques Baudou, Le Monde (29 June 01) "The ten books of the summer"). "Une lecture qui rend heureux" (Serge Guérin, France Graphique)]

2003 Flora Berger (2003). Dans les pas de Stevenson. La drôle équipée entre Velay et Cévennes. L’Argentière-la-Bessée : Éditions du Fournel.

2003 *** (2003). ‘The Robert Louis Stevenson trail’. Geographical 75vi (June 2003).78-***. [not clear if this is the Cévennes or Kidnapped trail]

2004 Sergio Cozzi (2004). Murmures en pays camisard: A pied dans les Cévennes, sur la route de Stevenson Brest : Géorama. 2915002088.

[From the publisher’s presentation: ‘The walk, undertaken on the spur of the moment, evolves into an initiatory journey and a revelation concerning these uplands full of history, the echoes of which can still be heard in its deep distant valleys’. ]

2004 Le Maitre, Anne (2004). Sur les pas de Robert Louis Stevenson. Un voyage de Velay en Cévennes. Rodez (F) : éditions du Rouergue. 112 pp.. 2841565645. With the author’s watercolour illustrations.

2005 (2005, 3me. éd. 2007). Le Chemin de Stevenson/GR 70. Paris : F.F. Randonée / Chamina (TopoGuides, Ref. 700). 978-2-7514-0190-9.

[An excellent practical guide to the route with many photos and maps, accompanied by quotations from Stevenson (mainly from the Cévennes Journal) and preceded by an essay ‘Stevenson ou la mystique de la randonnée’ by Jaques Poujol (pp. 18-25).]


2005 Rush, Christopher (2005). To Travel Hopefully: Journal of a Death Not Foretold. London: Profile., £15.99.
[Forty-nine-year-old writer and English teacher Christopher Rush, facing a breakdown after the death of his wife, decides to follow Stevenson’s Cévennes journey as therapy, though he’d never even been abroad before.]


2005 Stranger, Yves (2005). Ces pas qui trop vite s’effacent. Sur les traces de Robert Louis Stevenson des Cévennes aux monts d’Ethiope. Apt : L’archange Minataure.
[Yves Stranger grew up in the Pyrenees and now lives in the uplands of Ethiopia. Having followed the Stevenson trail in 1994 and remembering little, he retraced his steps in 2001, now in his own footsteps. The diary of his journey examines the motivations of others and himself, and meditates on the present-day familiarity of everywhere (‘we are suburbanites of reality’) and the contrast with Stevenson ‘who comes without images to the places he will discover’.]


2006 Dars, Jean-François (2006). Voyage avec Stevenson Dans les Cévennes. Paris : Descartes & Cie. 256 pp. €15. 2-84446-099-2.

[Account of a journey (without a donkey but pushing a bike) from 22 September to 4 October 2005 following Stevenson’s route and his stages. Stevenson’s words alternate with those of Dars. Like the Hervé Pauchon programmes (see below), a sort of ethnographic picture of a corner of France and its changes in 150 years. In Langogne he stays at the Modest’Inn!  Illustrated with numerous photographs. ;,]

2006 Cees Nooteboom & Simone Sassen (photography) (2007). Tumbas: graven van dichters en denkers. Amsterdam: Atlas. (German edition München: Schirmer Mosel, 2006.)
[Nooteboom (one of the most prominent Dutch writers, frequently mentioned as a candidate for the Nobel prize) ) visits 83 graves of writers with whom he feels a link of friendship. One is Robert Louis Stevenson, and the photograph of the tomb by Simone Sassen (Nooteboom’s wife) is accompanied by a passage on the burial from Reisen im Licht der Sterne by Alex Capus and then by Nooteboom’s own thoughts on his visit: ‘yet the silence of Stevenson’s grave was alive. Listening attentively, you could hear a gust of wind from the ocean turn over about a thousand pages at once’ (translation by Kerstin Pfeiffer in JSS 5).]

2006 Macaskill, Hilary & Molly Wood (2006). Downhill All the Way: Walking With Donkeys on The Stevenson Trail. London: Frances Lincoln. 0 7112 2592 3.

[From the publisher’s presentation: In 1878, Robert Louis Stevenson and his donkey, Modestine, spent twelve days walking in the Cevennes mountains in France, as he recounted in Travels with a Donkey. […] Over a period of four years, Hilary Macaskill and Molly Wood attempted to retrace his steps. In the course of several trips they negotiated the entire 212 kilometers of the Stevenson Trail, accompanied by Whiskey the dog and a variety of donkeys. This vivid and often hilarious account tells of the ups and downs of handling donkeys, getting lost, encounters with some odd people and some particularly memorable meals. Their story is interspersed with facts about the local history, cuisine, flora and fauna, important tips on donkey management, and some donkey lore. Practical information is also provided for those tempted to take up the challenge of the Stevenson Trail themselves. Interview:]


2006 Hervé Pauchon (production et animation) (2006).Voyage avec un Ane. France Inter. Ten 1-hour radio programmes: interviews, reportage and readings from Stevenson, following the Chemin Stevenson through the Cévennes.

[More an exploration of ‘la France profonde’ of today, but some fascinating voices and attestations of the enduring interest in Stevenson’s work and the desire to follow in his footsteps. ‘Eté 2006, Hervé Pauchon, avec pour unique compagnon Sardane, son âne, chemine sur les traces de Stevenson et parcourt à pied les 230 km du sentier et, tel Don Quichotte, un micro à la main, va à la rencontre de ceux qui vivent entre la Haute-Loire et le Gard en passant par la Lozère.

10 étapes, 10 émissions qui racontent un coin de la France d’aujourd’hui, loin de Paris, mêlant petites et grandes histoires, à travers les rencontres d’Hervé, ses aventures et pour seul guide, le livre de Stevenson dont il lit des extraits’.]


2007 Hervé Bellec (texte) & Bruno Colliot (photographies) (2007). Sur le chemin de Stevenson. Rennes : Ouest-France. 978-2-7373-3951-6.

[Bellec follows in Stevenson’s footsteps (in summer 2006) and comments in an amusing conversational way on what he finds today, his personal experiencees and Stevenson’s narrative, the text accompanied by many fine photographs.]


2007 Philippe Lemonnier (2007). ‘Sur les traces de Stevenson…’. In Le Voyage à pied. Chroniques de la pélégrination. Paris : Arthaud. 9782700396393. Pp. 111-127.

[A brief account of walking the Stevenson route (while reading his Travels) in autumn 1989, when only the first 25 km had been marked out. The author repeated the walk in 2003, when he found many things changed and Stevenson tourism well-established. It is the first walk that he thinks of when remembering his crossing of the Cévennes: in particular, his feeling of escape from conventional life and renewing himself, and his observation of the solitude of the places he passed through. ]


2007 Alan Castle (2007). The Robert Louis Stevenson Trail. Milnthorpe (Cumbria): Cicerone. 9781852845117. £12.95.

[From the publisher’s presentation: ‘The route… is divided into twelve day-stages in the guide, so that the Trail easily fits into a fortnight’s holiday. The book includes details of the facilities for the traveller and places of interest en route, together with a detailed route description and an account of Stevenson’s adventures with Modestine… the guide is also of use to cyclists and motorists keen to trace a parallel road route, following in the footsteps of Stevenson and Modestine.’ For sample maps and photos, see]

20010 Lino Battiston (2013). Mit Rucksack & Gitarre. Auf dem Chemin de R. L. Stevenson durch die Cevennen. Books on Demand.
[German musician Lino Battiston travelled the route with his steel-string guitar, composed music, then wrote this book, illustrated with his photos, about the experience, his thoughts and feelings. See his site for full information and musical videos]

2015 Alan S. Robinson (2015). In the footsteps of an ass. Kindle edition.
[Light-hearted account of experiences and thoughts while following the Stevenson Trail in the Cevennes. Available via Amazon.]


2. Following the Kidnapped trail

1898 Buchan, John (1898). 'The Country of Kidnapped'. The Academy, May 1898: ***.

1961 Nimmo, Ian & Jim Seaton (1961). 'The Kidnapped Walk'. Weekly Scotsman, 5 Jan - 2 Feb. 1961

1986 Brown, Neil Macara (1988). ‘In the Footsteps of David Balfour’. Edinburgh Evening News 4 & 11 January 1986 [Louis Stott RLS and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland (1992) erroneously lists this as Glasgow Herald, 1988]

2005 Nimmo, Ian (2005). Walking with Murder. On the Kidnapped Trail. Edinburgh: Birlinn. ISBN 1841584096. £9.99.
[From the publisher’s presentation: ‘What makes Ian’s account so interesting is that he explores the Kidnapped route across Scotland through three eras – as it was after the ’Forty Five, as he found it forty years ago when he first tramped the Kidnapped trail, and noticing the dramatic changes on the route today, which are altering the very nature and character of Scotland.’]


3. Others

1894 [Fraser, Marie] (1894). "With R. L. Stevenson in Samoa". Cornhill Magazine ns 23: 27-33.

1895 Fraser, Marie (1895). In Stevenson’s Samoa. London: Smith, Elder.
[includes Fraser 1894, pp 22-37]

1895 Armour, Margaret. (1895). The Home and Early Haunts of Robert Louis Stevenson. Edinburgh, W. H. White. [Twelve illustrations in photogravure including new portrait by W. Brown Macdougall.]

1898 Geddie, John (1898). The Home Country of R. L. Stevenson: Being the Valley of the Water of Leith from Source to Sea. Edinburgh: W. H. White. [Apparently just a retitling of The Valley of the Water of Leith from Source to Sea published in 1896—so could have very little direct reference to RLS.]

1899 Rose-Soley, A.R. (1899). ''Vailima: The Place of the Five Rivers'. Overland Monthly [San Francisco] xxxiii, 197 (May 1899): 389-399. [scanned image of text]

1903 Hammerton, J.A. (1903). In the track of RLS and Elsewhere in Old France. New York: E. P. Dutton. [Also 1907: Bristol/London: J.W. Arrowsmith/ Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent]

1903 Stubbs, Laura (1903). Stevenson's Shrine. The Record of a Pilgrimage. London: Alexander Moring (also Boston : L.C. Page). [Record of a visit to Samoa in ‘1892’ (possibly a mistake for 1902) in which the author meets people that Stevenson knew (Captain Crashaw, the photographer John Davis, Count Wurmbrand,) and visit ‘THE GRAVE’).

1904 Sharp, William (1904). 'The Country of Stevenson'. In Literary Geography. London: Offices of the Pall Mall Publications'. [One of a series of essays that appeared at intervals during 1903 and 1904 in Pall Mall.]

1905 Hammerton, J.A. (1905). 'A Stevenson Pilgrimage Along the Route of "An Inland Voyage"'. The Critic 46, No. 6: 524-535

Hubbard, Elbert (1906). Robert Louis Stevenson and Fanny Osbourne. East Aurora, NY: Roycrofters (Liitle Journeys to the Home of the Great Vol. 13)
[in a monthly series of biographies to make volumes with a special theme; vol. 13 is "Little Journeys to the Home of Great Lovers", so it may be catalogued in librarties under this title, the Stevenson number is pp. 9-36]

1911 Findlay, J. Patrick (1911). In the Footsteps of R.L.S. Edinburgh: W.P. Nimmo, Hay & Mitchell [not really an 'in the footsteps' account - short biography]

1912 Dawson, Neil (1912). ‘R. L. S. and the Fontainebleau Trail’. The Bookman [New York Dodd, Mead] 36(3) (Nov. 1912).

Watt, Francis (1913). R.L.S. London/New York: Methuen & Co. Ltd/Macmillan & Co.
[basically a study of RLS as a writer; but early chapters based on geographical areas, with much on the Scottish background, including "A Walk Through Stevenson's Edinburgh" ]

1915 Hamilton, Clayton (1915). On the Trail of Stevenson. Garden City, NY/London: Doubleday, Page & Company/ Hodder & Stoughton. 1923 US edtion:
[Six sections from articles in The Century Magazine on S in Edinburgh, Scotland, England, France, The Rest of Europe, and America. Illustrated by photos and drawings by Walter Hale. The Appendix (in the 1923 ed. at least) is a chronological outline of S’s life with special emphasis upon his travels so "That the reader may discover at a glance where he was at any date. The 1st ed. contains a section of ch. 6 (pp. 130-35) about S’s relationship with a woman in America [obviously Fanny]; this was removed in later editions after the Stevenson heirs got the book mostly recalled; Le Bris lists this as 1907, which seems a mistake.]

1917 Daplyn, A. J. (1917). ‘Robert Louis Stevenson at Barbizon’. Chamber’s Journal (14 July 1917).

1917 Rivenburgh, E. (1917). ‘Stevenson in Hawaii’. Bookman (Oct.-Dec. 1917).

1921 Eaton, Charlotte (1921). Stevenson at Manasquan. Chicago: The Bookfellows

1924 Bland, Henry Meade (1924). Stevenson’s California. San Jose, Calif.: The Pacific short story club

1924 Sarolea, Charles (1924). Robert Louis Stevenson and France. Edinburgh: Robert Louis Stevenson Fellowship.

1927 MacCulloch, John A. (1927). Stevenson and the Bridge of Allan. Glasgow: John Smith.

1929 Morris, David B. (1929). Robert Louis Stevenson and the Scottish Highlanders. Stirling: Eneas Mackay. [Explores how S’s interest in the Appin murder may have resulted from stories circulating around the Bridge of Allan and the area around Stirling, where S spent time in his youth.]

Carothers, Alva (1931). Stevenson’s Isles of Paradise. A True Story of Adventures in the Samoan South Sea Islands. Santa Barbara: Alva Carothers.
[part travel, much reconstructed dialogue - sprinkled with verbal and visual references to Robert Louis Stevenson]

1932 Morrison, Alexander (1932). Robert Louis Stevenson, Ancestral, Personal and Literary Associations with Bridge of Allan. Stirling: A. Learmonth & Son. [The pamphlet is a paper read to the Stirling Natural History and Archaeological Society on 26th January 1932, and was originally printed in the Transactions of the Society.]

1934 Lockett, W.G. (1934). Robert Louis Stevenson at Davos. London: Hurst & Blackett Ltd.

1935 Mackaness, George (1935). Robert Louis Stevenson: His Associations with Australia. Sydney: privately printed. Repr. 1976 as Australian Historical Society Monographs, vol. I (Dubbo, Aus: Review Publications) [Originally the Sir Walter Scott Memororial Lecture, delivered in Canberra 21 Sep 1934]

1936 Cecil Mac Lean (1936). La France dans l’œuvre de Robert Louis Stevenson. Paris : Jouve et Cie.

1939 Bermann, Richard A. (1939). Home from the Sea. Robert Louis Stevenson in Samoa. Indianapolis/New York: Bobbs-Merrill Co.
[Bermann was an Austrian travel writer who travelled in the South Seas 1925-6; written in German and translated into English by Elizabeth Reynolds]

1939 Issler, Anne Roller (1939). Stevenson at Silverado. Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton Printers. [With plates; see Issler 1950]

1949 Issler, Anne Roller (1949). Happier for his presence. San Francisco and Robert Louis Stevenson. Stanford: Stanford Univ. Press

1950 Issler, Anne Roller (1950). Our Mountain Hermitage. Silverado and Robert Louis Stevenson. Stanford Stanford University Press. [This is referred to as the ‘Second printing (revised)’ of Issler (1939) in the printing history of Issler (1974), i.e. as just a revised version (with a new title) of Stevenson at Silverado.]

1950 McGaw, Sister Martha Mary (1950). Stevenson in Hawaii. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press.

1950 McLaren, Moray (1950). Stevenson and Edinburgh. London: Chapman & Hall

1950 Muir, Aug. (1950). 'Stevenson's Scotland'. Scotland's Magazine, Nov. 1950: ***

1974 Issler, Anne Roller (1974). Stevenson at Silverado. Fresno, CA. Valley Publishers. [Presented as ‘Third printing (revised)’ of Issler (1939 and 1950).]

1978 Angus, David (1978).'Stevenson's Bridge of Allan'. Scots Magazine 109ii

1981 Angus, David (1981).'Robert Louis Stevenson at Bridge of Allan'. Forth Naturalist and Historian 6.

1987 Rankin, Nick (1987). Dead Man's Chest: Travels after R.L.S. London: Faber. Repr. 2001 by Phoenix Press, London.

1988 Geddie J., The Home Country of RLS. Edinburgh: White.

198* Stott, Louis (?1989). 'Robert Louis Stevenson and The Trossachs'. Forth Naturalist and Historian 14.

1991 Sanger, Andrew (1991). Robert Louis Stevenson. An Inland Voyage. With a travel guide to the route by Andrew Sanger. Ill. Michael Reynolds. Heathfield ( E Sussex): Cockbird Press. [The text is divided into five parts by four intercalated maps and ‘itineraries’ (the first part of the voyage in Belgium is regarded as unworthy of a visit and has no map or itinerary). The guide is designed for car drivers with gastronomic interests—more ‘food stops’ than ‘footsteps’. The many watercolour illustrations and b&w line illustrations are excellent and give a good idea of the landscape and light of northern France.]

1992 Stott, Louis (1992). Robert Louis Stevenson and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Milton-of-Aberfoyle: Creag Darach Publications (ISBN 1-874585-01-6). [contains a bibliography of 'books and articles about Stevenson and the Highlands' pp. 148-150]

1993 Hill, Robin (1993). R.L.S., Francophile — Robert Louis Stevenson in France. Edinburgh: privately printed [52 pages].

1994 Macleod, Dawn (1994). ‘R.L.S. in Perthshire’. Contemporary Review 265 (November 1994): ***-

1994 Pratt, Hugo (1994). Avevo un appuntamento (Socrates). [The Italian comic-book artist, inspired by adventure-story writers he had illustrated undertook a sea-voyage in the Pacific. He describes his attempted visit to the tomb of RLS in Samoa: ‘I literally had to scale enormous trunks, I fell into the mud, I was helped by a Samoan, and I still didn’t make it. I saw the tomb of Stevenson from above, from a New Zealand helicopter that took me over it. It was an appointment that has remained in my heart, because I’m sure that up there the scent of the sea is more intense and the colours are more vivid, reality is clearer and fantasy is closer.’]

1994 Stott, Louis (1994). Robert Louis Stevenson and France. Milton-of-Aberfoyle: Creag Darach Publications (ISBN 1-874585-03-2). [bibliography pp. 123-4]

Bell, Gavin (1994). In Search of Tusitala: Travels in the Pacific After Robert Louis Stevenson. London: Picador.
[the focus is on Bell's travels]

1995 Hill, Robin (1995). Pure Air and Good Milk — Robert Louis Stevenson at Swanston. Edinburgh: privately printed [52 pages].

1997  Davies, Hunter (1994). The Teller of Tales: In Search of Robert Louis Stevenson. London: Sinclair-Stevenson; New York: Interlink (Literary Roads series) (1997) [an in-the-footsteps book covering the whole life; condemned as long and superficial 'article for a travel magazine' in which quotations are systematically mangled by the Boston Book Review]

1998 Zinsser, William (1998). ‘In Search of Paul Gauguin, James Norman Hall and Robert Louis Stevenson’. Swewanee Review 106iii: 455-61. [Persisting memories and memorials of the painter and the two writers in Tahiti and Samoa in 1956; meetings and conversations while visiting Vailima and the grave on Mount Vaea (pp. 459-461).]

2000 Fitzpatrick, Elayne Wareing (2000). Robert Louis Stevenson's Ethics for Rascals. Philadelphia: Xlibris (Random House). ISBN: 0-7388-3548-X (Trade Paperback, $16), 0-7388-4443-8 (Hardback, $25), 0-7388-9418-4 (eBook, $8) ["introduction to the ... playful philosophy of the prince of storytellers"; more information at, including an excerpt from the book]

2001 Holmes, Lowell D. (2001). Treasured Islands: Cruising the South Seas with Robert Louis Stevenson. Dobbs Ferry, NY: Sheridan House. 281+xv pages. $29.95. 1-57409-130-1. London: A & C Black, 2002. £22.99. 0713662700.
[Holmes is a Pacific anthropologist, Samoan expert and sailing enthusiast who has cruised the Pacific in Stevenson’s wake. His thorough (though not foot-noted) retelling of RLS’s voyages draws on a wide variety of sources, including an account by a young crew-member of the Equator, Thomson Murray MacCallum. Of particular interest are the appended histories and detailed plans of the three vessels in which Stevenson sailed, the Casco, the Equator and the Janet Nicoll, as well as a discussion of Stevenson’s illness which concludes, as many have, that it was more likely bronchiectasis than TB. There are several pages of contemporary and later photographs. (Hilary Beattie). See also ‘Films about Stevenson’ and Amy Geiszler-Jones (2002). ‘Cruising Treasured Islands’. Inside WSU 18 (11). On-line edition at]

2001 Swearingen, Roger (2001). Robert Louis Stevenson's Edinburgh. Edinburgh: The Writers' Museum.

2001 Hill, Robin (2001). RLS in Germany. Edinburgh: privately printed/RLS Club. [a brief review and details of ordering:]

2001 Taylor, Richard (2001). ‘Robert Louis Stevenson. A Dream of Islands in Hawaii’. Literary Trips 2. Vancouver, BC: Great Escapes Publishing. 83-99. [Parallels between the life of the author and of RLS; how places have changed since Stevenson’s day; an appreciation of Stevenson’s art and stoicism.]

2004 Cairney, John (2004). The Quest for Robert Louis Stevenson. Ediburgh: Luath Press. 177 pp. €8.

2005 Allan Foster (2005). The Literary Traveller in Edinburgh. Edinburgh: Mainstream.


2005 Stephenson, Pamela (2005). Treasure Island: Sailing The South Seas in the wake of Fanny and Robert Louis Stevenson. London: Headline.
[Pamela Stephenson, Australian psychoanalyst and wife of Scottish comic Billy Connolly, with a mid-life crisis and children leaving home she decided to follow Fanny Stevenson around the South Seas in a sloop. The title of Chapter 1 is ‘Fanny and Me’ (‘we’re both short and bossy with interesting husbands’).]


2006 Borsani, Ambrogio (2006). Stranieri a Samoa. Racconti dei Mari del Sud [Foreigners in Samoa. Tales of the South Seas]. Venezia: Neri Pozza. 163 pp.


2007 Gareth Edwards, ‘Retracing the City Footsteps of Stevenson’, [Edinburgh] Evening News 13 February 2007.


2007 Allan Foster (2007). The Literary Traveller In Scotland. A Book Lover’s Guide. Edinburgh: Mainstream. 9781845961893

[‘All prominent Scottish writers from the fourteenth to the twenty-first century are included and discussed in their literary, historical and cultural contexts, set in the landscapes where they were born and which inspired them. […] maps will enhance many of the entries, including the Kidnapped trail, […]the Pentland walks of Robert Louis Stevenson…’]

2008 David Duddles (ed.) & Craig Duddles (photography) (2008). Silverado Squatters in Pictures. Chapel Hill, NC: Blue Pylon Creative. 96 pp. 0976576511.
[Publisher’s presentation: ‘David Duddles has selected the richest word-pictures from Stevenson’s Silverado Squatters, and Craig Duddles has shot these words full of fresh life in photographs both intimate and grand, picturing past documents and present landscapes that have changed little since Stevenson’s 1880 sojourn.’]

2008 Donal McLaughlin (2008). ‘Not Just for Exercise’. 78-87. ‘Louis & Fanny’. Journal of Stevenson Studies 5: 88-97.
[A fine account of McLaughlin’s two months in Grez as Stevenson Award-winner with impressions of life lived, and things seen and shared in this artists’ colony. ‘My last ten minutes are spent down by the river... Grez has been very special.’ Followed by ‘Louis & Fanny’ a poetic fictionalized evocation of the day in Grez when RLS and Fanny became lovers, centred on the river (RLS gazes at it: ‘the images, inverted, intrigue him’).]

2008 Hamish Whyte (2008). ‘Indefatigable Birds. Glimpses of Grez’. Journal of Stevenson Studies 5: 98-103.
[Poet Hamish Whyte and Stevenson Award-winner gives his account of Grez – in this case it starts with looking at the river: ‘we stood in the gloaming at the foot of the garden looking at the river’. Like McLaughlin he rereads some RLS and finds Treasure Island ‘surprisingly modern: the casual violence, an ambivalent villain (who escapes at the end)’ and Virginibus Puerisque he finds full of wise things and ‘as witty as Wilde’.]

2012 Iris Heerdegen (2012). Schottland auf den Spuren von Robert Louis Stevenson. Stratford-on-Avon: Stratford Books. Available via amazon

2012 Savater, Fernando (2012). 'Lugares con genio - El Edimburgo de Robert Louis Stevenson. TV documentary by Tranquilo producciones.
[One of a series of 13 programmes by writer and philosopher Fernando Savater. Starts with praise of S's 'charm' ('su inconfundible encanto'); visits Heriot Row, Colinton Manse, South Queensferry, Old Town, Calton Hill. Includes a 15-min interview with Xavier Marías, novelist and translator of RLS]

2013 Maarten Troost (2013). Headhunters On My Doorstep: A True Treasure Island Ghost Story. New York: Gotham (Penguin Books).
[Traces S's journey through the South Pacific, as modern-day adventure and a way to get to know a man and a writer he'd neglected for far too long.]




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